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Error connecting to SQL Server
answered 13-01-2020 09:40:32 -0500

I cannot connect Denodo with an SQL Server data source. I have used ODBC and JDBC, if someone can send me the step by step I would appreciate it. Greetings from Ecuador.

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Join views: Can Denodo fetch JOIN branches sequentially rather than in parallel?
answered 13-01-2020 08:37:25 -0500

Hi team, I'm working on an Oracle datasource. There is an Oracle procedure that accepts a test parameter and dynamically creates a view based on this parameter. Depending on the parameter, view columns are different but view name stay the same. I kn...

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Load data from Denodo View to Google Cloud Storage
answered 13-01-2020 04:58:28 -0500

Hi. We have views created in Denodo that we would like to load into Google Cloud Storage (which will eventually be moved to BigQuery to create a subject layer). Has anyone been able to complete this? We are currently in the very early stages of testing...

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google analytics google cloud storage googlecloud

Connection from Python to Denodo
answered 13-01-2020 03:33:12 -0500

Hello, I want to access data from denodo using python3. My code looks like the following: import jaydebeapi hostname = '####################' port = '####' driver = 'com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver' user = '#####' password = '#####' path = '/home/I011404...

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Incompatible subtype
answered 10-01-2020 20:49:26 -0500

Hi there, The data source data type has changed from int to text. I would like to change the my base you to reflect this new data type. The error im getting is "the field has a compatible subtype for type "text": INTEGER Please assist with me with c...

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string conversion

in selection view, is there any way that input parameter can accept values from subquery rather direct assignment
answered 10-01-2020 19:26:28 -0500

in selection view, is there any way that input view parameter can accept values from subquery rather direct assignment of values. if i assign values through sun query like below SELECT GETDAYSBETWEEN(in_from_effective_date, in_to_effective_date), p_p...

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Parameter View Parameter entry selection view

Issues with "Denodo Email Exported Files Custom Handler" on Denodo Scheduler.
answered 10-01-2020 06:07:17 -0500

Hi Team, I have configured "email export files" on Denodo Scheduler as given in the document link "https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/document/denodoconnects/7.0/Custom%20Handler%20Email%20Exported%20Files%20-%20User%20Manual". But I am facing is...

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querying very large data sets in denodo?
answered 09-01-2020 06:06:21 -0500

if I want to build a machine learning model using Apache Spark that accesses terabytes of data in denodo, is there a way to access the data using a more performant method than jdbc, such as hdfs?

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"Denodo Email Exported Files Custom Handler" Plugin For Scheduler
answered 08-01-2020 13:29:17 -0500

Hi Team, Can I get a link from where I can download "Denodo Email Exported Files Custom Handler" Plugin to run it on denodo scheduler.

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querying unstructured data with denodo
answered 08-01-2020 07:41:06 -0500

I have watched the webinar here, which shows how to use structued data for building ML/AI models - https://www.denodo.com/en/webinar/advanced-analytics-and-machine-learning-data-virtualization Some models such as neural nets require images (unstructur...

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