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Connecting to Tableau 10.3
answered 29-03-2019 05:35:45 -0400

Hi, We use tableau 10.3 and are trying to connect to Denodo. I have a couple of questions -- 1) In Defining the ODBC Connection - in this step the DSN that we create, should be done in my Local where Tableau Desktop will connect to Denodo and in the Ta...

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Can Denodo use Email as a Data Source?
answered 28-03-2019 11:52:55 -0400

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to use an email as a data source? Thanks in advance for your help. Best Regards,

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Data Source email

Publish service as ODATA?
answered 28-03-2019 06:51:56 -0400

Is there any way to publish any service as ODATA service?

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Tabular to XML/JSON transformation
answered 28-03-2019 02:35:48 -0400

How to transform tabular structure to json or xml in Denodo 7.0,

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license Usage table is not showing correct licenses
answered 27-03-2019 19:40:32 -0400

After applying staging license . it is not showing up in License usgae! any reason for this. Also the staging vdp server is not starting as well. anyone faced this before.? any resolution.?

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#license manager

Service on QA Environment doesn't start
answered 27-03-2019 01:55:26 -0400

Our Environment run on o Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Since last weekend,the denodo vdp service failed after starting. In the vdp.log it is comment, that there is no license available. I configure the Solutionmanager with a vdp license for this ser...

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Meta data information - SP´s get_source_table() and GET_SOURCE_COLUMNS()
answered 26-03-2019 06:48:03 -0400

Hi, I need extract all information about source tables and columns, but the the predefined SP´s get_source_table() and GET_SOURCE_COLUMNS() need input parameters (input_database_name and input_view_name). Which are Denodo tables where i find the meta ...

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Display View, Group By, Filter information for TREE View in Denodo and/or Data Catalog
answered 25-03-2019 04:54:46 -0400

I have built a complex view between multiple systems with Group By, Where conditions, Joins, .... When I am Tree or Data Lineage I can scroll over the the icons that represent the conditions and the information is displayed. Is there a way in Denodo 7 ...

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Tree View

AWS Organisation - Request from denodo
answered 22-03-2019 09:13:09 -0400

Hi, I meet a problem to create a correct data source to access AWS organization services. Certainly, that is due to the authentication header signature or the content type that I don’t know to correctly configure with denoto A good Web Request for my p...

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Denodo Testing Tool
answered 22-03-2019 08:04:02 -0400

Hi, WE are upgrading from denodo 55 to denodo 60, so did denodo have any better way of testing view in two versions. we are looking for Data count match Data value match Performance match I have heard denodo have it own testing tool, if it t...

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Denodo TEsting Tool Testing