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15 Million records using Hadoop
answered 21-06-2019 21:04:13 -0400

Team I have a use case to process 15 Million records using Denodo DV. Can Denodo handle 15M+ records and able to do Data Analytics and Data Cataloging? Please advice. Please provide me the best practices. thansk in advance! BG

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large set Hadoop

How to connect to a table in SAP ECC
answered 21-06-2019 19:35:00 -0400

Hi Team, I wanted to connect to a SAP table (say MARA). What kind of datasource I need to select for that? I'm pretty much new to this tool. Thanks Mohit

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Access to documentation
answered 21-06-2019 04:38:03 -0400

I'm struggling to connect to a Denodo server using ADO.NET. When I search for answers, I keep seeing pointers to samples located at "<DENODO HOME>\samples\vdp...." The server I'm trying to connect to is an Enterprise server so I don't have access...

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Can I use Denodo Express 7.0 open source in production?
answered 21-06-2019 04:32:38 -0400

Hello, Can I use Denodo Express 7.0 (free version) in production environment, with large amount of data (millions of records)? The features provided by Denodo Express 7.0 is precisely what I want and I cannot go for a licensed software. We are intend...

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Using the APIs
answered 20-06-2019 18:14:58 -0400

Hi, I wanted to use the API "Edamam Recipe Search API". How do I find the 3scale application ID and 3scale application Key for my application to provide to this API?

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Support for KDB database
answered 20-06-2019 12:17:35 -0400

Does Denodo product suppport integration with KDB database? We have some data residing in KDB database and we will like to host Denodo in front of it to intergrate with other data sources.

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Floating points not recognized correctly
answered 20-06-2019 08:47:15 -0400

Hi guys, I'm working with VDP 7.0 and I have this CSV file that amongst other airport-related data contains latitude and longitude information. Here's a sample row of the dataset so you don't have to download the whole file: 34,"Castlegar/West Koote...

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CSV data types Data Type Conversion locale

Npgsql using EF Core
answered 20-06-2019 08:29:32 -0400

While trying to connect to the Denodo VDP using the sample set provided I am getting the NpgsqlException: Unknown message code 43. Looking at the VDP error log on the server it shows that there is some error with the Kerberos authentication: Error: au...

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C# Entityframework Npgsql

Phrase "Maximum size in memory" is unclear in the following topic: configuring the memory usage and swapping policy
answered 19-06-2019 05:41:20 -0400

Review this topic: https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/vdp/administration/server_administration_-_configuring_the_server/configuring_the_memory_usage_and_swapping_policy/configuring_the_memory_usage_and_swapping_policy#configuring-the-mem...

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#swapping #memoryusage