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Access interface in vdp connections file.
answered 25-11-2019 13:10:10 -0500

Hi Team, In "vdp-connections.log" file from Denodo Monitor. What could be the possible values for "AccessInterface: Type of access interface of the connection". ? I am intersted to know if "VDP" here would mean "Scheduler" Job. ? Please tell. Thanks.

Answers: 5

vdp connections file

Shell script Schedule
answered 25-11-2019 06:39:16 -0500

Team, We have installed Denodo 6.0 in our Unix environment. We would like to execute one shell script(rename.sh) file through scheduler before our actual denodo job start. Can we execute shell script through denodo scheduler?? Thanks Dp

Answers: 6

Job scheduler Denodo Scheduler 6.0

Denodo's Data Catalog's Capability
answered 22-11-2019 16:42:51 -0500

Can we search for the content in a PDF file by using Denodo? I tried to convert a PDF to HTML by using ITPilot and deployed it to Virtual DataPort, but still, I can only search for the column name and the file name under Data Catalog.

Answers: 1

data catalog

Denodo Pushdown
answered 22-11-2019 14:50:57 -0500

We are using Denodo version 7.0 and Netezza 7.0 Database to procure data. We have configured some of the data in cache and cache DB is also defined in the same Netezza sever as the DB from which we are fetching records. But Denodo instead of performin...

Answers: 1

answered 22-11-2019 08:26:09 -0500

Working my way through the tutorial. I could access this webservice but now I am getting an error: This site can’t be reached localhost refused to connect Anybody an idea why connection is now being refused when I could access it the last time I tri...

Answers: 1

SOAP Web Service

Not able to view Denodo Learnings
answered 22-11-2019 08:19:52 -0500

Hi Denodo Team, I am not able to see the below learnings/Training in my Learning dashboard. Data Virtualization Developer Introduction Data Virtualization Developer Basics - On-demand Advanced Data Virtualization Developer - On-demand Coul...

Answers: 1

Subtracting a no from a date DATEDIFF(dd,0,b.pymt_run)
answered 21-11-2019 16:05:22 -0500

Can you please help me to convert following statement in denodo DATEADD(dd, CASE WHEN DATEDIFF(dd,0,b.pymt_run)%7 > 4 THEN 7-DATEDIFF(dd,0,b.pymt_run)%7 ELSE 0 END,b.pymt_run) as fin_pymt_run Here b.pymt_run is of date datatype. Thank you!

Answers: 3

#date #datedifference

Create a folder dinamically in Scheduler
answered 21-11-2019 16:03:22 -0500

I need to create a CSV exporter and I need that this exporter create a folder with the date. Is this possible? Example: /output/20191120/extract.csv /output/20191122/extract.csv ...

Answers: 1

folders Job scheduler CSV

Adding a data source
answered 21-11-2019 05:37:54 -0500

I am following along the Denodo tutorial but have encountered issues when attempting to add a new data source. I followed the download instructions but they are not very clear so i am obviously missing something. I am from a non-technical background so...

Answers: 2

Tutorial Data Source

Executing Dynamic VQL generated from view output
answered 20-11-2019 18:54:48 -0500

Hi, We have a list of report views that are cached for which we need to generate the report which shows the count or records for all those views. There is a view we have which could give the names of these views that we have to get the counts on. Is ...

Answers: 1