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For left join, do we need to create associations to remove not required Join
answered 01-07-2020 15:45:57 -0400

Questions for Asssociation I have one view (v) creating by one fact table (Table F) left join several dimension tables (Table A, B, C, D), I define PK for the fact and all dimesion tables. I have not defined associats for them, when I ran this: "sele...

Answers: 2

left join Associations

user credential pop up window in SOAP web service
answered 01-07-2020 14:31:16 -0400

Hi Team, In SOAP web service the credential pop up window which asked to choose user while deploying web service is not coming, how to enable that window web service container Thanks.

Answers: 3

SOAP Web Service

Ragged Hierarchies with SSAS
answered 01-07-2020 06:47:31 -0400

I have several ragged hierarchies in my SSAS cube and I'm not having luck making them usable in Denodo. When I check the "Include leaf levels of hierarchies only" option, any records that don't have all levels populated are not returned. When the optio...

Answers: 1

Parent Child Hierarchy SSAS Multidimensional Data Source

Dynamic JDBC source query parameter
answered 01-07-2020 06:38:37 -0400

How can I force dynamic filter on query to be executed against datasource? Example: SELECT name, surname FROM table WHERE id = GETSESSION('user') this does,not work. SELECT name, surname FROM table WHERE id = 'john' works but I would like to use sessio...

Answers: 5


Data Catalog - Non Administration User
answered 01-07-2020 03:39:19 -0400

I am not able to assign "only read" privileges to a user in the Denodo Catalog. Is there any combination where the "Administration" tab in the Denodo Catalog menu does not appear? In our project we do not want the regular users being able to change ...

Answers: 3

data catalog Role and User Management

Error while creating Base view on Cosmos MongoDb
answered 01-07-2020 00:18:37 -0400

I’m trying to connect to Mongo DB in Azure Cosmos and create a base view, using the below string format mongodb://dbname.documents.azure.com:<port>/Test?ssl=true I have specify the user, password, Collection. The error message is There was an e...

Answers: 4

MacOS Installation Error
answered 30-06-2020 23:36:16 -0400

Hi Community I have a Macbook Pro 2019 model with MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 I am unable to install Denodo software on my device as the company says that it is not compatible for MacOS. However I was able to find the following steps to install it on Mac: ...

Answers: 3

Installation Wizard installation Mac OS

Denodo Rest API - JSON with compound or array
answered 30-06-2020 21:28:43 -0400

Hi. I have used Data sources > New > Data Sources > JSON > HTTP Client to connect to a REST API. The base view rendered in Denodo has several nested fields (arrays). To flatten this to a consummable view, I would need to create about 8-10 f...

Answers: 1

Json data source pagination
answered 30-06-2020 17:43:41 -0400

Hi , I am able to fetch the data from API using oauth2 successfully, I am facing a challenge in configuring the pagination. https://apiexplorer.csod.com/apiconnectorweb/apiexplorer#/info I am trying to fetch the data from the above instructions, as ...

Answers: 3

Pagination REST API get JSON oauth2

User interface of the express version appears to small on Windows 10.
answered 30-06-2020 17:27:40 -0400

The user interface is unusable on the express version of your product on Windows 10. I had to uninstall the version because I could not use it on Windows 10.

Answers: 7