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Clarification on ODBC settings indicated as correct.
answered 26-12-2018 10:27:46 -0500

Could you please clarify the preferred settings for a DenodoODBC driver. There are two online pages that have inconsistent information: A = https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/vdp/developer/access_through_odbc/configuration_of_the_odbc_d...

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Stor proc
answered 26-12-2018 07:03:00 -0500

Hi I have written the below code to create a customized store proc in denodo. package com.acme.extension; import java.io.FileWriter; import java.sql.Date; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.Types; import com.denodo.vdb.engine.storedprocedur...

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Denedo on Azure
answered 24-12-2018 05:00:48 -0500

I get the following error while installing denedo on azure. Is it that denedo is not available on Azure in India Region? "code": "MarketplacePurchaseEligibilityFailed", "message": "Marketplace purchase eligibilty check returned errors. See inner error...

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Installing Denodo4E
answered 24-12-2018 03:31:52 -0500

Hi Team While installing Denodo4e in eclips(version 1.8.0_191), I am getting below error/warnig. Could you please explain why is this error coming. " Warning: you are installing software that contains unsigned contents. The authenticity or validity o...

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Prompted for password for the Denopd service username
answered 24-12-2018 02:05:15 -0500

Our cloud team have just created a Denodo Azure 6.0 instance (purchased from the Azure Marketplace) and presented it to our team for configuration. We can connect via SSH to the new VM with the credentials created at the time of purchase. When we att...

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azure new installation

Steps to enable mainframe COBOL application access to Denodo Views?
answered 21-12-2018 17:24:20 -0500

We are trying to enable mainframe z-os COBOL applications access to Denodo views (v7.0.20181011) . Could you please provide at least a high level overview of steps necessary to enable this? Does Denodo support DRDA? Thanks for any information you can p...

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answered 21-12-2018 13:38:34 -0500

Is there another way to see the data in this procedure GET_CATALOG_EFFECTIVE_PERMISSIONS? I use select * from GET_CATALOG_EFFECTIVE_PERMISSIONS and get error 'Finished with error: View 'get_catalog_effective_permissions' not found'. This statement is r...

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Unable to connect to Oracle 11g User Schema as Data Source
answered 21-12-2018 07:46:14 -0500

I have downloded Denodo 7.0 and am trying to connect to the Oracle 11g express edition DB on Windows 64-bit platform. I have created new schemas in Oracle DB as per the default scripts "DEN70EDUD1001LAB01-Oracle" & "DEN70EDUD1004LAB04-Oracle" provi...

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Oracle DB connection Issue Oracle 11g

Abbreviation in denodo
answered 20-12-2018 23:22:57 -0500

Hi I am getting column from my DB with TimeZone : Eastern Time Zone i want to make this as EST like i have 24 Different timezones on my table . if my time zone changes EST to EDT i want to atomatically populate EDT on my column. how i am suppose to ...

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Oracle Syntax is not working in the Denodo
answered 20-12-2018 17:46:26 -0500

I have below syntax for the Oracle but this one is not working in the Denodo, Any comments on that please. CASE WHEN TO_NUMBER("bv_PROVIDER_PROFILE"."TIN") IS NULL THEN CAST ( 0 AS INTEGER) ELSE CAST("bv_PROVIDER_PROFILE"."TIN" AS INTEGER) END

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