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Job Scheduler
answered 18-02-2020 07:26:01 -0500

Hi, can we create a job to join two tables without create this denodo view to predefined this join? Our info security has legal requirement that only eceute the job like "select a1.b,a2,c from a1 join a2 on a1.d=a2.d" without creating denodo view first...

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Related to: Master-slave configuration for Scheduler

Denodo Parameter Error - without search methods
answered 18-02-2020 05:35:01 -0500

I created a view with a parameter. If there is specific value typed into that parameter the view processes just fine.However, I need the parameter field to be blank, so when you open the view the end user has the option to type in the parameter they ar...

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search methods Parameter

Cannot connect to the SOAP web services
answered 17-02-2020 05:33:26 -0500

Hi Team, I've downloaded the Denodo Express Platform and I've got stuck in this part of the tutorials: Advanced Operations - Importing SOAP Web services When I try to create a SOAP data source and then, press the 'Create Base View', nothing appears....

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row_number not working with the get_view_columns
answered 14-02-2020 21:44:17 -0500

Hello Denodo gurus! Why does row_number not work with the get_view_columns? select database_name, view_name, column_name as denodo_column_name, ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( PARTITION BY view_name ORDER BY database_name ) row_number_with_partition from get_vi...

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row number Delegate get_view_columns

Resource Manager Query to queue
answered 14-02-2020 21:43:02 -0500

Hi, Is there a way to automatically send a query to queue if it surprasses for example, 80% of CPU usage? Thank you, Best regards

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How to get VQL command metadata response message using JDBC connection.
answered 14-02-2020 07:18:59 -0500

Hi Team, I am using JDBC connection to execute the VQL commands from my application. Let's say I want to create a role or modify the description of the role using 'Create /Alter command query' as shown in example below For example: Create role testro...

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How to import column descriptions from MS SQL Server data sources?
answered 14-02-2020 07:11:47 -0500

Similar to the following article about Oracle: https://community.denodo.com/kb/view/document/How%20to%20import%20column%20descriptions%20from%20Oracle%20data%20sources?category=Data+Sources How does it work for MS SQL server to get the descriptions/c...

Answers: 5

Bypass Denodo Scheduler Webadmin User
answered 13-02-2020 10:55:02 -0500

Hi Team, While using Scheduler API, is there any way to bypass the Denodo Scheduler Webadmin user. By Default we see that when we try to login into schedler webadmin by default uses admin/admin. Once we are logged into webadmin, then we are redirected...

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Denodo Scheduler 7.0

Create a Selection View and get only the first 2 records
answered 13-02-2020 07:32:36 -0500

Hello I want to create a selection view of a derived view that has a column "date" (localdate), and in this selection view I waht to order by date desc, and I only need the first 2 records. How can I do that in denodo? I have this record: 2019-12-01 ...

Answers: 3

select derived view

Is there a way to export data to EXCEL from a weblink?
answered 13-02-2020 05:36:23 -0500

I am trying to Export the data displayed from the weblink of Denodo Restful Web service into a excel spreadsheet. I dont see the functionality on the page.

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