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Unable to connect to hive
answered 25-06-2020 01:37:05 -0400

I have downloaded the jdbc driver for hive. I am using cloudera distribution. I downloaded the driver and put it under /opt/denodo/denodo-platform-7.0/lib-external/jdbc-drivers/hive-1.1.0-cloudera this path. It is still showing error: Unable to estab...

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How to solve QUERY_TIMEOUT
answered 24-06-2020 16:51:48 -0400

How can I solve the QUERY_TIMEOUT after 900 seconds. My connection is: Driver class: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver Database URI: jdbc:oracle:thin:@ As explained in Developer guide, I tried: jdbc:oracle:thin:@

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HOw to connect denodo VDP from a java program
answered 23-06-2020 09:34:12 -0400

i want to connect to denodo that is installed on remote server. i want to connect it from my local system using Java Program. How can i do that?

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trying to connect denodo using odbc and getting error
answered 23-06-2020 08:56:24 -0400

I did the same mentioned in the earlier question, but i am getting below error: InterfaceError: (‘IM002’, ‘[IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified (0) (SQLDriverConnect)’)

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Where does the metadata of Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool stored ?
answered 23-06-2020 06:57:44 -0400

Where does the metadata of Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool stored in Denodo Platform (vdp) ? Is it stored in the same apache derby database in which Denodo by default stores its own metadata ? And can we configure an external database to enable Diagno...

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Denodo Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool

Restriction User From Creating More View
answered 23-06-2020 06:35:39 -0400

I would like to know is there any possible way to restriction a user (newly created or existing one) when creation views. Example: a user " trainer" who have create, read, write privileges. but need to restriction the user from creating more than 5 view.

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assign privilages Create User Create Base View LIMIT

Step: Run the query - Query execution does not complete
answered 23-06-2020 06:26:44 -0400

Hi I am following the guide to run the query for SELECT * FROM same_store_sales_by_year. But I see that the query keeps on running and does not complete while the result of the step was to show that the query executes in 15 seconds.

Answers: 2

aws free-trial

Test Drive : ds_impala_historical_data connection not working
answered 23-06-2020 06:23:10 -0400

The data source in test drive "ds_impala_historicaldata" when click on test connection does not seem to succeed. The connection status shows "Testing JDBC connection" for long time and does not end.

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Impala AWS free-trial

Change the source data executing a denodo view
answered 23-06-2020 06:11:03 -0400

Hi, it's possible to change (insert,update, delete) source data executing a denodo view ? I have seen this link https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/6.0/vdp/vql/inserts_updates_and_deletes_over_views/inserts_updates_and_deletes_over_views but ...

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Connect to Genesys Cloud
answered 23-06-2020 04:50:59 -0400

Hi, has anyone conected to Genesys Cloud from Denodo yet? I've been informed that there are REST APIs that can be used to access GenCloud data. But, I don't have familiarity with APIs and am unsure how to connect to REST API from Denodo. I'd like to be...

Answers: 3

genesys purecloud