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Text (timestamp) to date
answered 01-06-2020 03:55:21 -0400

Hi. My view has a field with timestamp. Although, the field type is "text". I really only want to get a date from the field, but I don't know how. Here is an example of the text field: 2019-12-21T13:15:49.000-0600 2019-10-02T15:01:43.000-0500 I need ...

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Date Conversion Timezone conversion Dates Date

Create new date field from a timestamp
answered 01-06-2020 03:45:27 -0400

Hi. I have two views in Denodo (in different datebases). I want to join the two on date (and another ID). However, the views do not have date, they only store timestamp. I want to get just the date from the timestamp in both views and join them. Here ...

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Date timestamp

Mircrosoft Ajax Date Format
answered 29-05-2020 05:38:18 -0400

Hello, I have a Json Data source configured to get data from external application. I am seeing the data . But there are 2 cols, Updated At and Created At. values in those columns are coming in the format /Date(1589932800000)/ I tried creating a new f...

Answers: 3

JSON Data Source

Metadata from source system
answered 27-05-2020 14:34:47 -0400

How will be the metadata be brought in to the Denodo from source system? Esp the semantic information.

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Run Scheduler Job Based on Value from a Query
answered 27-05-2020 08:21:52 -0400

Hello, Is it possible to allow a Denodo Scheduler job to start only when the value returned by a query indicates it is ok for the job to start? The scenario is as follows: We want to cache a Denodo view. However, before we can start the cache job, we...

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Conditional Job Run Scheduler

import.sh run vql, which vql contained parameter, how to make it?
answered 26-05-2020 17:41:43 -0400

We have linux machine with denodo client installed, we use import.sh to run some vql file, I have a question, if my vql file wants to have a parameter such as where filters contain some parameter, can import.sh run that vql with parameter contained in ...

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vql vql parameter import.sh

Hello, I am trying to extract data from an excel file which is in a shairpont. do i have to create an excel data source and use http client (how) or do i go through xml data source?
answered 26-05-2020 10:24:27 -0400

I am trying to recover data from an excel file which is in a shairpoint. do i have to create an excel data source and use http client or do i go through xml data source?

Answers: 6

Certificate of Training
answered 26-05-2020 09:17:13 -0400

Hi, I completed on-demand Denodo DV Architect training today (03/04/2018). Under Achievement tab it is showing completed but I do not see any option of printing certificate or share on linkedIn. Please advise how can I get certificate of successful com...

Answers: 3

answered 26-05-2020 06:36:36 -0400

Hi! I am having an issue with this query: SELECT TOP 5 * FROM TABLE It shows the message: Error: Exception parsing query near 5 Thanks

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DESC DATASOURCE JDBC (all jdbc datasources) for base view
answered 26-05-2020 06:35:30 -0400

Hi, I need to create base view from query and my query it´s DESC DATASOURCE JDBC (all jdbc datasources). How do I do this? I create base view with this information in text mode: DESC DATASOURCE JDBC vdb1.ds_source1 DESC DATASOURCE JDBC vdb2.ds_sourc...

Answers: 1