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Columns to Rows
answered 20-05-2020 04:21:34 -0400

Hi, Another Columns to Rows question ... I am using the following JSON web service: https://pomber.github.io/covid19/timeseries.json that returns country names as columns. With a base view I can use the following query to get the data rows for a par...

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Columns to Rows

Online text file as a data source
answered 20-05-2020 03:27:29 -0400

Hi, I have the following file that I would like to publish internally as a view, https://github.com/owid/covid-19-data/raw/master/public/data/owid-covid-data.csv I added it as a Delimited File data source with Data Route: HTTP Client, using the GET m...

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Online text file

HTTP GET request using interpolation variable
answered 20-05-2020 03:26:20 -0400

Hi Team, I made a connection to a github delimited file (csv) file using interpolation variable. HTTP METHOD is selected as GET URL is given as : https://daily_reports/@{File_name}.csv While testing connection, UI asked for file_name , that is also giv...

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github https

Query report data from Oracle Service Cloud
answered 19-05-2020 15:49:38 -0400

Hi, I am trying to create a single view of a report obtained via a web service hosted by Oracle Service Cloud. The column names and row values are returned in seperate registers. In a base view query, the column names appear as rows as do the individu...

Answers: 3

Oracle Service Cloud JSON

ODBC connection | trusted non kerberos domain
answered 19-05-2020 07:28:29 -0400

Hello, We have configured Kerberos in 2 domains, domain1 and domain2. We have a scenario where we have 2-3 users from a different domain, domain3. We dont want to enable Kerberos to the whole domain we need need these 2-3 user of Domain3 to be able to...

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authorization Kerberos ODBC EXCEL ODBC Driver

How to connect to a csv file saved in github repository in denodo?
answered 19-05-2020 06:34:30 -0400

Hi Team, How to connect to a csv file saved github repository from denodo? We need to access a bulk of data from this everyday. Please help! Thanks, Manju

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connection error message
answered 19-05-2020 06:29:53 -0400

errors when testing connection establish connection: Unable to establish connection: Driver not found

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test connection but not able to connect successfully
answered 19-05-2020 06:28:18 -0400

after the setup of denodo express, I tried to connect to JDBC but always gets connection issue what should the login credentials be? Is this the sql server access credential

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vdp Denodo Express

How to connect to a csv file placed in an HTTPpath?
answered 19-05-2020 04:38:02 -0400

Hi Team, I need to connect to a csv file placed in https path . Every day this path will get updated with a new csv file to which denodo needs to be connected and extraced the data. I tried to create using 'Delimited file' but the data doesnt show up ...

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Denodo with SOLR -- ERROR
answered 19-05-2020 03:47:06 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, I have a problem connecting denodo virtual dataport adm tool to solr-solrj-7.4.0 After creating a new data source, I connect the data source with SOLR by specifying as follows: Database adapter: Generic Driver class path: ‘'D:\Denodo_P...

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