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Re-access the classes I had access to

Good Morning, Is it possible to get access to the original course that I was watching, I think I was about 50% in and then work got in the way. Please let me know. Regards, Norman Marzan Centene Corporation

How to insert data into Hana

Hi team, I have a requirement to call the SQL data which i wanted to insert into HANA table. please guide me best practice using denodo. Is CRUD operations possible from denodo?

Odata Service on Covid DAta portal

Team, Could you please create and provide the details of an odata service as well please. Regards, Sumit Gupta

Unable to start the license manager server in the solution manager

I am unable to start the license manager server in the solution manager because it is not connected to the port 10091. I do not know how to do that so that I am able to successfully start that. It currently says "Port server ports could not be retrieved."

Does JIRA run with Oracle Java 10?

I went looking for the answer to this and couldn't find anything that talked about the current version of JIRA 7.9.x so... Does JIRA Server run on Linux with Oracle Java 10.0.1?

Custom Wrapper Download

I'm using the BYOL AWS free trial for a POV effort for a client. When I try to obtain the HDFS custom wrapper to process the CSV files on S3, I'm told I'm not authorized to access that part of the site. What further processing do I require?

Pagination Issue

Here is the format of data : { "name": "mytable", "elements": [ { "name": Den, "number": null, "date": "2020-06-12", "designation": null }, ...........1000 rows exist ] "links": [ { "rel": "next", "title": "Next interval", "href": "?$start_index=...

Response Details section while deploying rest API

Hi, I am creating a rest web service and I want to know how can I add these response to My JSOn(this will be consumed bu my users.) responseStatus": "SUCCESS", "responseDetails": { "limit": 1000, "offset": 0, "size": 1000, "total": 25000, "next_page"...

Custom Wrapper API documentation

Where is the API doucmentation for denodo-vdp-server.jar and denodo-vdp-parser.jar? For instance, I need the java doc for CustomWrapperFieldExpression.

Rollback Deployments in Solution Manager

Hello, Can you please advise if there is a rollback feature in solution manager with regards to deployments. Often times after we deploy a report in one environment to another environment, there are times we need to undo, or better said, "rollback" the...