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answered 23-07-2020 06:51:38 -0400

I am trying to create base view using 'create from query', select * from table1 where id=@id1 @id1 = 34This works super it creates base view and also BV executes... select from table1 where name=@name1 @name1='veeresh' This creates base view. But whe...

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Specifying a timezone on a 'timestamp without timezone' value
answered 23-07-2020 05:55:32 -0400

I'm curious of the best way to convert a 'timestamp' (without timezone) to a timestamptz (with timezone) value in Denodo when your original timestamp value is in a timezone other than UTC? I am currently using 'CAST([TimestampColumnHere] AS TIMESTAMPTZ...

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Virtualization of my data warehouse snowflake
answered 23-07-2020 05:35:17 -0400

Hi, I created a unified view of my datasource of snowflake. When i make an update in my table on snowflake, i saw that the change is made also on my view on denodo. And i don't want the update appear in the view on denodo. Is it possible ? Thank you

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snowflake DENODO

access column values in register
answered 23-07-2020 00:25:01 -0400

How to access register nested columns(eg. id) through vql eg. view openstacktoken column:- token : register { id: string, name : string } I want to do Select id from openstacktoken. Presently, when I am querying openstacktoken, I am getting token as ...

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Creating A Base View On Snowflake Stored Proc/ Multiple Statements
answered 22-07-2020 18:04:16 -0400

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if there was a way to create a base view on snowflake stored procs. What I am trying to do is: Run the stored proc Capture the result of the proc The Snowflake statments are like these: -----CALLING ...

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snowflake Base view Create Base View Stored Procedure

I'm sorry
answered 22-07-2020 12:46:46 -0400

I'm sorry I have not had time to save my trial account, can I ask to resend the azure trial account

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free-trial azure

Unable to connect denodo using ODBC from power BI
answered 22-07-2020 02:23:59 -0400

Hi I use denodo platform 7.0 in windows. When i connect denodo data view from Power BI i get below error. --datasource.error: odbc: error [hy000] error while executing the query Even when i tried to connect from microsoft excel using the option "fro...

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Issues connecting Amazon S3 bucket with Denodo VDP
answered 21-07-2020 18:06:42 -0400

Hi team, I'm trying to connect Denodo and retrieve CSV files from a S3 Bucket. I have followed all the steps provided in this article: https://community.denodo.com/kb/view/document/How%20to%20integrate%20Amazon%20S3%20with%20Denodo%20Distributed%20Fil...

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Virtual DataPort server won't start
answered 21-07-2020 16:47:38 -0400

I've recently installed Denodo express platform 7.0 on Windows so that I can explore and try it. Now, when I try to start the Virtual DataPort server, it keeps getting stopped. Here you can find the logs from vdp.log ====== INFO 2020-07-16T17:32:01.46...

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Working with JSON hierarchical data
answered 21-07-2020 15:24:12 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, I am struggling with virtualizing data which is in JSON format (and can only be pulled in JSON format from the API). There are numerous arrays within Registers within arrays. My requirement is that I do not create numerous flattened vi...

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flatten JSON