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unable to find columns error when trying to read meta data from a JDBC data source
answered 11-01-2019 06:46:43 -0500

Hi, I know that the Generic JDBC data-source, is not fully supported (as it seems). However, it seems like there are some issues with it. I am working with a JDBC driver which is written "by the book" (meaning all the interfaces are implemented as nee...

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jdbc data-source

SAS data sources
answered 11-01-2019 06:34:37 -0500

Hello, I have followed the instructions at the following https://community.denodo.com/answers/question/details?questionId=90670000000XcmsAAC&title=Regarding+Denodo+Connectivity+with+SAS I know that I am connecting to a SAS Workspace server so am...

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How to achieve JSON custom format for array of values while applying Denodo nest()
answered 11-01-2019 05:21:35 -0500

Hi Denodo Team, I have created a base view with 3 employee records for Dept_id= 'D100' as below. SELECT 'D100' AS dept_id , 'E1' AS empid FROM DUAL UNION SELECT 'D100' AS dept_id , 'E2' AS empid FROM DUAL UNION SELECT 'D100' AS dept_id , 'E3' AS empid...

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Nested Array DENODO REST Webservice JSON

How to do error handling on accessing data sources that we do not control + Different REST Web Service formats don't seem to return the same information?
answered 10-01-2019 10:31:48 -0500

Hello! There are two problems, that my team was wondering if there were answers to. The first problem: There are several data sources that we have no control over, and therefore can't tell if those services are live or not. My team was wondering how w...

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denodo platform XML Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice json HTML Error Handling

How are the Surrogate key Field values maintained in Denodo
answered 10-01-2019 07:44:55 -0500

This is an interesting document on the approach for performing Type 2 SCD in Denodo. Can you help me understand the following. In the StarSchema on the web page aach dimension has an SK field. I am assuming these are Surrogate Key fields. How are the S...

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Surrogate key

Any guidance on keeping base-views from impala data sources "fresh"
answered 10-01-2019 07:42:06 -0500

Hello, Impala data sources cache data. Occasionally, we encounter views which fail due to an error that essentially says, the cache is out of date. If we execute "invalidate metadata" in impala, the error goes away. How do people automate this? Sche...

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Scheduler export
answered 10-01-2019 06:46:14 -0500

What can be the possible causes for an unexpected error while trying to export the jobs from the scheduler? Recently when i tried to export the jobs, i received an unexpected error notification.

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Denodo Scheduler 6.0

Brief Details about denodo
answered 10-01-2019 04:59:56 -0500

HI Team, Can you provide answers for below. Is denodo a client - server architecture Number of servers required to set up denodo Does it has data lineage? what does global search web service mean in denodo data govenance? Thank You!!

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launch a denodo job from the command line
answered 10-01-2019 02:03:37 -0500

Hallo Denodo Team, Our customer requires that we schedule Denodo Jobs (VDPCache) using an external tool (IBM TWS). I understand, from the documentation and the knowledge base (where I found a question about Tidal) that in order to do this we should op...

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scheduler command line job

Java Heap Error export vql
answered 10-01-2019 00:38:02 -0500

Hi I am getting following error while exporting vql from VDP , what could be the reason ? java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

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