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Schema change and Source Refresh with Denodo and Cache store
answered 24-04-2019 17:23:09 -0400

Hello, We have snowflake as our cache store. When we add a new column to source, our cache refresh jobs fails with "Number of columns in file (25) does not match that of the corresponding table (23),". Any process we ned to follow to update cache schem...

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Source refresh schema change Cache Cache error

HTTP client
answered 24-04-2019 13:38:18 -0400

Hi Team, Denodo Express 7.0 Please provide a working URL and supporting data for a MS Excel HTTP client example to practice. Thanks.

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Excel HTTP client

JARS Export
answered 23-04-2019 21:28:36 -0400

Hi Team, Is there any option to export jars alone in denodo 5.5 Version. If it so could you please share us the steps to do

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Make Server Configuration Changes VIA VQL
answered 23-04-2019 18:17:48 -0400

Is it possible to make to server configuration changes using VQL? For example, is it possible to alter kerberos settings, like adding User Base values?

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VQL Server Configuration Changes

Cannot launch Denodo 7.0 Platform Control Center (did work previously)
answered 23-04-2019 07:48:01 -0400

Hello, We installed Denodo 7 on this windows10 enterprise server months ago. It was working fine until recently. Though the server can be started, and Solution Mgr starts on the same machine as it, we cannot launch the Platform Control Center from a sh...

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DriverManager.getDriver() for denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar gives com.denodo.vdb.jdbcdriver.VDBJDBCDriver instead of com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver
answered 22-04-2019 18:30:11 -0400

As part of an application code, I'm trying to get the Driver Classname from the provided JDBC URL. In case of Denodo, for the JDBC URL "jdbc:vdb://localhost:port/dataasset", I'm getting "com.denodo.vdb.jdbcdriver.VDBJDBCDriver" as the Driver Class Name...

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Denodo connect to postgresql-10
answered 22-04-2019 15:34:39 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, I have a problem connecting denodo virtual dataport adm tool to postgresql-10. After creating a new data source, I connect the data source with postgreSQL by specifying as follows: Database adapter: PostgreSQL 10 Driver class path: '/h...

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answered 19-04-2019 19:10:17 -0400

It seems like com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.odbc and other loggers should be added to this list, yes?

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Related to: Using logcontroller and useful log categories

Denodo client installation
answered 19-04-2019 18:48:25 -0400

Hi Team, Denodo client 5.5 and Denodo client 6.0 I installed these two clients on same machine (windows server, Machine A). Keeping default installation settings and port number settings as default in both versions. On Machine A Denodo 5.5 client co...

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denodo client

Interface views: Is it true that when an interface view does not have an implementation view, then Denodo will throw an error?
answered 19-04-2019 18:37:09 -0400

Hello, I've been researching interface views and wonder whether a better design for interface views would be to have an option to return mock data when the application under-development queries the view. This would be much more user-friendly and would ...

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