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Error: Invalid number format for port number
answered 09-07-2020 06:00:00 -0400

I'm trying to make the DEN70EDUD1001VID01 - Data Sources. JDBC module and i am unable to establish connection. Here is the message : Unable to establish connection : invalid number format for port number. I need help, Thanks

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Question on VDP client for Linux64
answered 09-07-2020 02:28:06 -0400

If we have a Denodo Platform installed on Linux64, AND a VDP Client for Linux64- does the VDP client give access to a Graphical Interface to administer the otherwise "headless" Denodo Linux server?

Answers: 1

VDP 7.0

Denodo cache in AWS
answered 09-07-2020 00:30:30 -0400

What is the best database alternative to use in AWS as Denodo cache? (having S3 as main source to create "virtual datamarts").

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Denodo 8
answered 08-07-2020 13:46:23 -0400

Hi Guys i need small help where can i find to download Denodo 8 version

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joining multiple base view error via custom wrapper parquet file in S3.
answered 08-07-2020 11:00:56 -0400

Hi Team, I am getting below error while creating the derived view from joining multiple base view. Accessing the AWS S3 bucket data source from custom wrapper parquet file in S3. [CUSTOM WRAPPER] [ERROR] Received exception with message 'Error accessi...

Answers: 3

S3 parquet file DENODO AWS S3 derived view custom wrapper

Query to find our who has access to an interface?
answered 08-07-2020 09:41:45 -0400

Is there a query we can run or API to determine who has read access to an interface? Anything more elegant than exporting the create with users and permissions and look at the VQL? Anything in Data Catalog? Damn. No way to edit the typo in the questio...

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Duplicate views are getting created while creating base views
answered 07-07-2020 14:18:41 -0400

Hi Team - I am creating base views on a delimited data source(CSV). For this I created a base view under this data source object in the server explorer pane of VDP Admin client. I also see another base view (with the same name) also getting created aut...

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Base view

Code deployment using Solution Manager
answered 07-07-2020 09:20:41 -0400

While creating a revision through SM, is the only option we have is to select the VDP elements(e.g. a view) which are currently available in a VDP server's metadata repository ? or we can go to a branch of Git and select elements from that branch, whi...

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Deployment using Solution Manager Best Practice

Denodo VDP integration with Git
answered 07-07-2020 07:14:01 -0400

The question is regarding the Revert operation on Git. I understand I can go into repository and pull a historic version of an element. Questions are - 1) Can we revert an entire database in one-go ? 2) Can we also revert individual elements(say a view...

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Denodo with Git

Using Create Revision API of Solution Manager
answered 07-07-2020 02:41:52 -0400

I am looking at the documentation of creating a Revision from a VQL file https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/solution_manager/administration/appendix/rest_api/rest_api#create-a-revision-from-a-vql-file Couple of questions on the usage of...

Answers: 1

Solution Manager API