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fail to export data from jdbc source to hhive
answered 06-05-2020 00:48:44 -0400

I try to export data from mysql into hive using denodo scheduler and I create the 2 tables same structure but when I execute the job error appears "Group0#JDBCExporter0: Document 1: Method not supported" ..any help why this happen ? full error 1929530...

Answers: 4

Job scheduler Denodo and Hive

Unable to login to server from client
answered 05-05-2020 07:25:55 -0400

Unable to login to denodo server from Denodo Client. Getting the Java Exception as below. Could you please assist on this asap ? "Initialization Error.Connection Error Construction, Implementing(Algorithm, Default Provider Sun JSSE, Class sun.securi...

Answers: 3

Java NoSuchAlgorithmException

overwrite or delete a map
answered 04-05-2020 17:15:27 -0400

I created a map in Virtual DataPort. I want to overwrite this map but I can't figure out the function. I tried to delete the original map to do this, but that function is not recognized. How do I overwrite a map with new values? can I delete it?

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No data returned when activating cache
answered 04-05-2020 15:13:22 -0400

Hi, I'm folowwing the tutorial and at page https://community.denodo.com/tutorials/browse/basics/5cache3types, the request returns no row when activating cache. It relates to "client_with_bills" view. Please help, Thank you

Answers: 6

Cache error

How to publish the derived view as API
answered 04-05-2020 13:49:17 -0400

Hi All, I am new to Denodo, so request your help on the below requirement. For easy understanding I want to extract the data from database (Oracle 12c) create a base view and derived view which I done successfully. There are 100 fields of it. Now I wa...

Answers: 1

Content Search + Live Data
answered 04-05-2020 09:22:32 -0400

I have configured Content search and works as expected except for when I click on LIve Data link, msg comes up with "Invalid value: <view name>" Not sure why or how to fix it. Cheers

Answers: 1

#index #livedata #contentsearch #datacatalog

Parse field with HTML to generate rows based on specific character string.
answered 04-05-2020 07:59:15 -0400

I have a view with a field called description. This has custom HTML and I am trying to create a Select statement that will parse a new row in the output everytime "/>" appears in the HTML.

Answers: 3

text to row html parse

Write the retrieved data into multiple files
answered 04-05-2020 05:23:54 -0400

Hello, Need to retrive the data from Oracle database, it may have millions for records, I need to write the data in to muliteple CSV files(split the data in to mulitple files). I was able to read the data and write it as single files using schedule adm...

Answers: 1

Denodo scheduler admin Delimited Files

Missing 3rd way
answered 01-05-2020 16:28:50 -0400

You mention there are 3 ways to add parameters to the body of the request however you demonstrate only 2. What is the 3rd way?

Answers: 1
Related to: Error creating JSON data source with "Post Body" parameters


Execute a DDL statement in a column in a table
answered 30-04-2020 15:00:35 -0400

Hello, We have a create table statement stored in a table. Do we have any option in denodo to Execute the query stored in a column one by one. Thanks & Regards, Gokul

Answers: 4

query execution column ddl table