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Base view on a DB2 LUW Global Temp Table
answered 09-10-2019 08:42:52 -0400

I am trying to grab Denodo logged in user name and then inserting it into DB2 LUW "Declared Global Temp Table" for one of the application running on DB2 LUW. It seems it is only possible if the base view is created as regular view (Not created by query...

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DB2 LUW Global Temp Table

NULL values in query results
answered 09-10-2019 07:00:28 -0400

Hi support Team, what could be the reason that most values in the query results of my base view appers NULL ?? The base view is successfully created from a SQL SERVER but Iwhen executing I am getting NULL values (for different datatypes : text, int … ...

Answers: 6

Unable to access Docker Image for Denodo Express 7 latest
answered 09-10-2019 06:39:35 -0400

Hi, can you point to how we can pull docker image for denodo express or download it ? Though I am logged in, the portal says unauthorized https://support.denodo.com/resources/installer/list/Denodo%207.0

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How to Convert datatype from Text to Date?
answered 08-10-2019 21:18:06 -0400

HI Team, My base view has a date field which is in datatype text ( Varchar-50) and giving value '20190910172316' . I tried to convert the same to date by using " to_date('yyyyMMddhhmmss' , base_view.eff_dt ) as eff_dt " in derived view layer. it worke...

Answers: 1

Date Conversion

No array data from tutorial web service
answered 08-10-2019 10:34:57 -0400

Hi I am following the online tutorial and when executing a query on the web service on 'C003' I get an array come back however there is no data in the array. According to the online tutorial I should be seeing 2 records in the array. Any tips on how I...

Answers: 3

Is there a way to create the Base Views directly from erwin files or erwin xml files instead of creating the base views individually
answered 04-10-2019 07:40:18 -0400

Is there a way to create the Base Views directly from erwin files or erwin xml files instead of creating the base views individually. We generally create base views connecting to a database where the datamodel of EDW is sitting, but is there a way to c...

Answers: 3

#erwin #datamodel

i18n View Locale
answered 04-10-2019 06:50:07 -0400

Is there something we can run to pull out the base views which have a different map from the default for both the searchmethod and the view, itself?

Answers: 1

query to get i18n type

Denodo alternative for TSQL "STUFF.... FOR XML PATH"
answered 04-10-2019 02:35:33 -0400

Hi, I have a table with multiple rows and a single column called ID - it is aways 5 chars long ID 12345 23456 34567 I want to create a view with a single column output and a single row output that will concatentate all the values inserting a com...

Answers: 2


Denodo Architecture for Developer and Administrato
answered 03-10-2019 07:24:19 -0400

Hi, I just downloaded Denodo Express and started importing some sources. I was wondering how I shoould be using Denodo in my Company, for example, is it right to install denodo in a server and then let the developer connect to this server using their...

Answers: 1

Access Denodo Express Administration Tool

Denodo Data Catalog tutorials
answered 03-10-2019 07:01:09 -0400

Hi Team, Can anyone suggest me some links to understand denodo data catalog better? I had a good read about it few weeks before, but am not able to find the content now, when I searched Thanks for your help, Manju

Answers: 1

#data catalog