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How to enforce filters using "Where" clause on base view in Denodo.
answered 19-04-2019 15:24:08 -0400

Version : Denodo5.5 patch : 20160322 1) how to restrict users from running full table selects through base view created against a data source pointing to some database table? 2) when the user submits request through reporting tool (providing few param...

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Can Denodo Platform and Denodo Express be installed on same machine.
answered 19-04-2019 14:52:09 -0400

Can Denodo Platform and Denodo Express be installed on same machine.

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Enable to view assign examples and review examples tab in IE
answered 19-04-2019 08:41:33 -0400

Hi, i am using ITPILOT 7.0 and i try to execute the exercise DEN70EDUD4004LAB01 - Create webmail wrapper: 1) the first time we do "new Browser", we correctly see all the "tabs" of the wrapper generation tool (see img1) ![https://imgur.com/JD7Minh] 2) t...

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Denodo Driver Silent Install
answered 18-04-2019 20:44:08 -0400

Hi Everyone, I was hoping to get some insight in to installing the DenodoODBCx64.msi silently for users. I am working on an SCCM deployment and would love to automate the driver install and ODBC connection. I have the connection part down, but I canno...

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ODBC Driver Driver

user privileges and roles within LDAP authentication
answered 18-04-2019 20:43:18 -0400

We have configured LDAP authentication under which the users within a particular distribution list can access denodo with the roles associated to the distribution list. eg: A distribution list having privilege of 'read' contains 'n' users over 'm' data...

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LDAP Role and User Management

Cannot access Diagnostic & monitoring tool
answered 18-04-2019 20:42:04 -0400

Hi, I tried to login to Diagnostic & monitoring tool. Im getting below error: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Database '/opt/denodo_platform/resources/apache-tomcat/../../metadata/diagnostic-monitoring-database' not...

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Denodo 6.0 client compatible with 7.0?
answered 18-04-2019 18:33:55 -0400

We are planning an upgrade next week to 7.0, can you tell me if the 6.0 Client is compatible? Thank you

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Salesforce data source
answered 18-04-2019 16:41:01 -0400

Hi Team, Denodo Express 7.0 Please provide details for salesforce connection for learning and practice. Thanks.

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Rest API – Post and Put Issue in Denodo (7.0)
answered 18-04-2019 12:52:22 -0400

I am using Postman to test the Get, Post and Put request on Rest API created in denodo. I can able send the Get request but not the post and put request. I also check the permision on original source (SQL). Can you please help me on this. Thanks in adv...

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Change the values of a column
answered 17-04-2019 20:35:41 -0400

Hi, I have created an XML data source and a base view out of it. Is there any way to change/replace the existing values of a particular column in the base view?

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