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Expose entire database schema/model via denodo data catalog
answered 31-07-2019 07:49:35 -0400

Hello, for a certain use case we would like to expose all tables in a SQL server database schema via Denodo (because of the rights management & catalog functionality). Is there a recommended way (VQL) to import with associations & descritpion...

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Unable to connect to VDP - User Name and Password
answered 31-07-2019 03:31:22 -0400

Hi Team, Could you please help me with default password of VDP. Getting error as "Initialization Error: Connection Error: Connection Refused: Connect

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Connection issue to VDP

ODBC connection with AD
answered 30-07-2019 08:25:49 -0400

Hi, While configuring ODBC we have to give the user name and password. Is there any way to use Active Directory instead of user name and password. Best Regards,

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Scheduler jobs authentication errors with kerberos
answered 30-07-2019 01:54:48 -0400

When users create new Scheduled jobs they fail with authentication errors.: 3020866130 [CacheView_10 (default).DenodoSched_Worker-4] ERROR 2019-07-24T16:23:25.779 com.denodo.scheduler.core.dataSource.DataSourceLocator [[CacheView_10 (default).DenodoSc...

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Denodo Scheduler 7.0

Refresh of DF wrapper base view loses NULLVALUE inline constraint
answered 29-07-2019 07:28:26 -0400

We are utilizing 7.0.20181011. We have a pipe delimited file source utilizing the DF wrapper. We have added the NULLVALUE constraint to the columns of the base view via VQL. It works great but every time the base view is refreshed, we lose the NULLVALU...

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SSL/TLS Configuration
answered 29-07-2019 04:15:51 -0400

Hi Team, Could you please let me know what scenerios we need to the SSL configuration for Denodo connectivity

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ODBC error "view pg_database not found"
answered 26-07-2019 13:27:05 -0400

Hello, I've been successful in using both the 32 and 64 bit Denodo ODBC drivers to connect to my VDP 7.0 Express installation using a wide range of clients (PowerBI, Winsql, RStudio, Python, ...) but when I attempt to import the Denodo views in a data...

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Hi, I would like to know whether we can pass a local directory path from the data source to the business rule for the Delimited file
answered 26-07-2019 13:21:58 -0400

The scenario is, i have a production environment, and have delimited files in two folders(one is production and the other one is development folder. We are not suppose to touch the production folder. In case if we need to do a unit test in Production e...

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Dynamic Datasources path
answered 26-07-2019 08:38:07 -0400

How to pass adatasource path as parameter for a view.

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Dynamic Datasources

Dynamic Datasources
answered 26-07-2019 08:35:14 -0400

how to run a view by passing datasource path as parameter

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