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How do we Install license using Solution Manager Licence
answered 15-04-2019 10:53:55 -0400

Hi Team, How can we install the license to VPD Server using solution Manager . I have solution Manager Licence.

Answers: 5

License File

Flatten query parameters (array of string)
answered 15-04-2019 10:47:14 -0400

Hello, I have a table with an ID of a company and WS for getting an information if the company can be trusted or not. The problem is with the WS. In default, it has parametrized input array of string and returns two arrays of outputs. I used FLATTEN fu...

Answers: 3

flatten ws

getting HTTP error code 403 on creating base view
answered 15-04-2019 08:27:41 -0400

I'm trying to connect s3, following this Amazon S3 REST API section. my s3 is (dummy info below) bucket: denodo-test file:/denodo.txt (no folder) I have IAM account with full access to s3. I could get se file with awscli. on base view creation part,...

Answers: 3
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Data Catalog promotion
answered 15-04-2019 01:32:02 -0400

What is the best way to promote catalog and tag mappings from one environment to another? We have allocated views to categories and tags in Dev but cannot figure out how to migrate this to Staging.

Answers: 1

Denodo 7.0 data catalog categories

tuple pattern for csv file
answered 12-04-2019 19:07:56 -0400

Hi, I have a csv file with columns that can grow monthly basis. Find the below example of csv file. I would like to know the wether its possible DF data source can handle using the tuple patterns. Your feedback is much appreciated. Column header is, "...

Answers: 2


Unable to connect RDP
answered 12-04-2019 19:01:21 -0400

I have downloaded the RDP file. But unable to connect the same and getting error: " Remote desktop cant connect to remote computer Make sure that remote computer is turned on and connected to the network , and that remote access is enabled." Please su...

Answers: 1


VQL Server could no longer be started
answered 12-04-2019 10:58:33 -0400

Dear Denodo-Support, our denodo test server is no longer able to get a license from our license manager. It seams that the license has a lock and couldn't not be reactivated after a clean installation of the named denodo server. How can we solve this...

Answers: 1

SolutionManager license locked

Initialization Error: connection error: no such object in table
answered 12-04-2019 08:54:49 -0400

I am having an issue with logging into my VDP Admin tool. I am seeing the following error displayed at the login screen of the Denodo Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. "Initialization Error: connection error: no such object in table" Checking th...

Answers: 1

Login Failure import Administration Tool Connection

Denodo connectivity to SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA
answered 10-04-2019 19:51:45 -0400

Hello Denodo Experts, Can Denodo connect to the S/4HANA platform and access data via the CDS (Core Data Services Layer)? What type of connectivity is used for connecting to the BW/4HANA Platform?

Answers: 1


img tag for html escaped fields in rest ws
answered 10-04-2019 16:31:57 -0400

Hi Team, Denodo 5.5, Denodo 7.0 Please provide a working statement for HTML img tag to be used in REST WS. Purpose is to display the image in IE Denodo REST HTML WS representation. Thanks.

Answers: 1