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issue with pagination in REST API call
answered 27-09-2019 09:16:58 -0400

I've configured a datasource with an http path of https://company.service.com/api/v1/entities?firm=2. The API uses next page pagination and so I've set those paramters up as well. when I run a query in my base view and look at the execution path, I see...

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Nothing happens on clicking Denodo icon
answered 27-09-2019 08:09:20 -0400

Hi i have installed Denodo software and can see Denodo shortcut icon on the desktop screen. However when i double click the icon nothing happens, also i tried clicking the icon in the actual location folder and nothing happens, i mean Denodo does not s...

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installation cannot use icon new installation

SQL Collation conflict between base views on different servers.
answered 27-09-2019 08:07:31 -0400

This error message is sent when executing queries against two joined sql tables: QUERY [JDBC ROUTE] [ERROR] Received exception with message 'Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "Latin1_General_CI_AI" and "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" in th...

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sql collation

Queryable API
answered 27-09-2019 07:31:54 -0400

For an API, can I query by multiple values? Example, if I have multiple employees, how can I write a queryable API to handpick a few employee's ?employee_id in '02019590, 02019592, 02019593' does not seem to work.

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SQL Query Reference
answered 27-09-2019 02:20:20 -0400

We have a customer who is trying to use our software to query via ODBC a Denodo virtual database. Apparently something about the way we format the SELECT statement is not liked by your query engine. Where can I find a reference on your SQL query lang...

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Vertical pivoting
answered 27-09-2019 02:05:46 -0400

Hi Team, Is there a way to do vertical pivoting in denodo? I have one data element which is a combination of 3 fields basically seperated by ~. Example: abc~dfv~1234 cvfdv~as~23 So the first seperation till ~ belongs to field A, second part belongs to...

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#array #customfunction

Caching Intermediate views
answered 26-09-2019 08:30:43 -0400

We have a requirement to cache an Intermediate view and it should never expire. We don't want it to be done manually for every single run. We need to implement it permanently. How do we do it in VDP or VQL Shell? We tried doing it by ticking the check ...

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JSON Resource cannot be created due to problem with charset?
answered 26-09-2019 05:19:10 -0400

When creating the base view of a new JSON resource I get this error: ( ISO-8859-1) Unable to obtain the data structure: com.denodo.util.exceptions.InternalErrorException: Unexpected character ('­' (code 173)): expected a valid value (number, String, ...

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When use map function, the query plan change, query take much more cost
answered 26-09-2019 01:26:13 -0400

I create a map manully and want to use this map to finish some augument convert, yes the augument can convert, but the query plan changed, the query take much more cost: select count() from AA where "WID" = 2020092 select count() from AA where "WID" = ...

Answers: 2

map query plan

What to use instead of ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE
answered 25-09-2019 12:00:57 -0400

I am aware that ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE is not supported by denodo currently. Do you have a suggestion as to what I can use instead to retrieve the row count of the result set?

Answers: 3

row number Resu type_scroll_insensitive