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How to grant privileges
answered 29-06-2020 10:38:05 -0400

i was executing the grabt privilege command on the VQL.it says error in the query. How to grant privileges in denodo VDP..and also can i set privileges in express version..i can see the option for user/role management is disabled under administration ...

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Returning an existing compound type from executeReturnType
answered 29-06-2020 09:43:17 -0400

I have a bunch of complex compound types defined via CREATE TYPE syntax. Can I use them as a custom function return type, that is, return this type from executeReturnType()? E.g. something like this: @CustomExecutorReturnType public CustomRecordTy...

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Custom Functions Compound Types

Parameterized View
answered 29-06-2020 07:30:40 -0400

Hi, I have two different data souce connected in Denodo (one is Netezza and one is Oracle). I have created one baseviews in both the sources using query.(i.e. net_baseview and orc_baseview) net_baseview has some paramteres (start date and end date an...

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Paramaterised Query

Unable to see views in Tableau
answered 29-06-2020 07:20:40 -0400

I am using denodoexpress version 7. I have made a successful connection through tableau..but i cannot see any tables under the database. What could be the reason? Also can i connect tableau with denodo express version?

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Authentification Error
answered 29-06-2020 06:58:49 -0400

I am unable to connect VDP tool, facing authentication error: Local authentification with domain not supported.

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Denodo active - passive HA env
answered 29-06-2020 06:40:49 -0400

Hi, We are using denodo 7 with latest update 20201003. We have got one production server which is in use but need to add another server to create active-passive HA scenario. Can you please explain the step by step process? will it require any downtim...

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Incremental Cache Stored Procedure times out after 80 seconds
answered 29-06-2020 06:16:49 -0400

We are running the incremental cache stored procedure to insert/update records since the @LASTCACHEREFRESH. The procedure continues to fail with a generic error 'Finished with error: ERROR executing query update of cache [Rows updated in cache: 0].'. ...

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Incremental Cache Cache

Metadata repository and cache repository on same derby instance or different ?
answered 29-06-2020 04:44:31 -0400

I understand Denodo uses Apache Derby (by default) to maintian caches, to maintain its own metadata and also to store metadata for diagnostic & monitoring tool. The question is, to store these three kinds of data, does it use the same instance of D...

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metadata repository

View with input parameters
answered 29-06-2020 03:49:06 -0400

Hello Team, Consider my scenario. So i have query something like this. WITH userdata AS ( SELECT id from user where user_name in (user_list) and user_status='Active' ), payment as( select * from payment where payment_status=1 and payment_user in (sel...

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Paramaterised Query

Custom functions to avoid code repetition
answered 29-06-2020 00:26:01 -0400

If I want create a custom check on fields of the same type I must create a Java Custom User Function to avoid repetitions or there are others ways ? for example I'm checking email address field on different views with: case WHEN ("EMAIL" regexplike '^...

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