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We are excited to announce the availability of a new version of the Denodo Express 7.0 with new features and fixed issues starting in September 2019.

If you want to try it or if you want to migrate your current Denodo Express version you can download the brand new Denodo Express 7.0 at the Express home page in the Denodo Community.

In addition, if you want to enjoy the Denodo experience you can run one of our Test Drives.

Milliseconds in Date Values
answered 24-11-2017 05:56:08 -0500

I have a Problem with the milliseconds for datetime values. If I perform this select-Statement I get only three digits for the Milliseconds. select FORMATDATE('yyyy-MM-dd''T''HH:mm:ss.SSSSSS', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ) as ts from dual() Result: 2017-11-23T ...

Answers: 1

Denodo Product Key changing process
answered 24-11-2017 05:34:50 -0500

Hi Team, How to change denodo product KEY in Denodo. (i have a product key, not a file.) Thanks.

Answers: 1

Product key

PDF data reading in Denodo and loading it to DB
answered 24-11-2017 04:57:28 -0500

Hi Team, Please give detailed steps on how to load tabular data in pdf to JDBC MySQL Server Database through Denodo. Thanks.

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Typo in Tutorial Mysql connection
answered 23-11-2017 06:16:05 -0500

Hi, In the below page: https://community.denodo.com/tutorials/browse/basics/2fs5jdbc it is written about "1 - first sources" folder while it should be "1 - first steps" folder. Also, the last screenshot at the bottom of the page does not represent t...

Answers: 1


Creating Global URL for Denodo
answered 23-11-2017 01:54:46 -0500

We are trying to install Denodo in a root system and trying to access it from multiple systems to work on it parallal.So please help me on how to create a global URL for Denodo which can be accessed from systems browsers.

Answers: 1

Problem connecting to an Oracle Database
answered 23-11-2017 01:54:46 -0500

I have an Oracle 11g database and a postgresql 9 database. When i connect to the Oracle database for the first time it works perfectly. When i try to connect to the postgresql database this works too. But when i try to connect to the Oracle database af...

Answers: 1

How do we query the catalog to find which view a webservice depends on.
answered 22-11-2017 08:15:07 -0500

What is the best way to query denodo to return the view on which a webservice or soap service is based on?

Answers: 3

webservices Metadata Catalog

File Generation
answered 22-11-2017 08:09:14 -0500

I need to publish a Flat and XML file to Unix server. I have already created views as required. Is it possible to create a job to publish data in an given external location ?

Answers: 1

XML Delimited Files

Need to know the changes made by someone at DS Scheduler level
answered 22-11-2017 03:50:07 -0500

HI Denodo Team Scheduler job got failed with below error. Updated right password & it got succeded. Could you pls know how can we find out the changes made by someone from the logs. dataSource 'DS_TEST'. authentication error: Insufficient privil...

Answers: 1

Query for DATASOURCENAME of a base view
answered 21-11-2017 23:29:40 -0500

How can I retreive the DATASOURCENAME for a single base view, multiple base views and/orall dependent base views of an interface? I am currently running "desc vql view <view_name>" which returns the entire VQL. Is there a way to return only the D...

Answers: 1