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How to get Swagger specification for a published REST Web Service (Denodo 6.0)
answered 19-03-2019 08:06:10 -0400

Hi all! I need to get the Swagger specification for a published REST web service in JSON or YAML format. Denodo version is 6.0. I found this article: (https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/vdp/administration/restful_architecture/restful_we...

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REST API swagger

Logger for Custom Function
answered 19-03-2019 05:51:18 -0400

Custom Policies has a context object available which can log into Denodo server logs. On similar lines, do we have any object available for Custom Function which can log into Denodo server logs?

Answers: 4

log Custom Functions

WebService REST
answered 18-03-2019 08:00:34 -0400

Hi, I'm developping an application that interacts with an instance of denodo. I need to make a query with two "in" conditions but apparently it doesn't work. This two query works fine 1 - filter = UrlEncode("TRIM(""aff_etat_iep"")NOT IN ('Supprime','...

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REST API REST Webservice

Unable to connect to free trial VM on Azure
answered 18-03-2019 07:51:10 -0400

Yesterday I signed up for a free trial under Denodo’s Azure Account. I received an email confirming that it had been set up, with username, password, IP address and RDP file. However, Remote Desktop cannot connect to the IP ( I've tried...

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installation of Daedo how do you assist
answered 18-03-2019 07:29:24 -0400

we wish to instal daedo system

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how to identify cache table is active or not
answered 15-03-2019 08:40:14 -0400

Hi Team Suppose I have a View : Employee and it's having a cache Table in Oracle as : EMPTABLE, now I did some changes to the same Employee view and now Cache Table changed to : EMPTABLE1, so in this way there is a invalid table in Cache DB with name ...

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REST Service supporting transnational write back
answered 15-03-2019 07:13:17 -0400

Hello, Is the Denodo REST service supports write back operations involving transactions? I am trying to achieve the following. Begin Transaction - Post to View-X - Delete in View-Y - Patch to View-Z Commit Transaction If this is supported how t...

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REST API Write-back scenarios

analytic function error
answered 15-03-2019 02:48:18 -0400

Hi Team How i am suppose to implement following logic in denodo , i tried to delegate row_number() to DB but geeting execution error row_number() over (partition by ID order by idno) error Finished with error: Syntax error: Exception parsing que...

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handelng leading zeros
answered 14-03-2019 13:34:21 -0400

Hey Team, I have a Database (SAP) that I connect via the custom wrapper (RFC Calls). In this I have a column that contains leading zeros. It usualy contains int with 8 digits but itis saved as text with 10 char (2 leading zeros). Is it possible to map ...

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VDP SAP leading zeros

Need help on selecting appropriate server on AWS
answered 14-03-2019 06:43:23 -0400

Hi, I am planing to move on AWS, Denodo 7.0 version with 2 data sources, concurent queries sassumed to be > 50 and <=100 and daily volume could be around 2.5 million records.# Which option should I go with m4.xlarge or any smaller solution will...

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