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HTTP POST in Denodo Testing Tool
answered 02-07-2019 07:21:50 -0400

Is there any working to specify a HTTP POST request (including params + body params) in a QUERY and/or RESULT directive? Is there any plan to include this feature in a further version of the testing tool?

Answers: 2

Denodo Testing Tool

Denodo query simplification taking a long time.
answered 01-07-2019 21:15:17 -0400

We have a complex final view that utilizes many (20+) base views. All of the base views are cached so the query execution plan in very simple. However, in looking at the execution plan we can see that the optimizer is taking 8-9 seconds in query simpli...

Answers: 1

VDP query optimisation

OData2 Wrapper converting DateTime to "Local" DateTime?
answered 01-07-2019 09:00:51 -0400

I have been using a JSON data source and switched to a custom wrapper for Odata3 (using OData2 custom wrapper with headers 'Content-type="application/json";Accept="application/json";DataServiceVersion="2.0";MinDataServiceVersion="2.0";MaxDataServiceVer...

Answers: 1

ODATA OData Date Conversion Timezone conversion json JSON

answered 01-07-2019 08:41:59 -0400

Hi Team, I need to connect IBM TM1 OLAP Cubes as Data Source in VDP. I am unable to find the guidelines for the connecting IBM TM1 cubes. Please guide how to use TM1 cubes as data source. Thanks Kumar

Answers: 1

Multidimensional Data Source

User Management Question
answered 01-07-2019 07:40:14 -0400

Hello, Is there a way to export the list of users located under user management? The reason I am looking to export the list of users is because I am putting together a e-mail distribution list containing the emails of all users who use our denodo syste...

Answers: 1

user management export

Denodo on Concurrent Logins by the Same User
answered 01-07-2019 06:06:02 -0400

We have a requirement to disallow concurrent user logins with the same credentials. The requirement also includes prompting the user of concurrent log-in attempts being made with information on the location of the attempt being made. Is this possible ...

Answers: 1

Login Role and User Management

Error: Error activating cache full: error modifying view: StandardXAConnectionHandle:rollb
answered 01-07-2019 04:19:48 -0400

Error: Error activating cache full: error modifying view: StandardXAConnectionHandle:rollback:This connection is part of a global transaction java.sql.SQLException: Error activating cache full: error modifying view: StandardXAConnectionHandle:rollback:...

Answers: 1

Can we add hints in Denodo while selecting the records from database datasources
answered 28-06-2019 08:07:56 -0400

is there any option to add any hints while selecting the data in Denodo

Answers: 1

#select #hints

Maximum Job Limit Exceeded
answered 28-06-2019 04:04:50 -0400

We are unable to create more than one Job in out Denodo 7.0 Installer, is it limited because we downloaded through the Donwload Express. What is the process to increase the Job Limit

Answers: 1

#JOB #JobLimit#SchedulerJOB#NewJob

Get list of dates between two dates
answered 27-06-2019 05:45:54 -0400

How can I fetch all the list of dates between two dates ? Is there a system calendar that I can refer too ?

Answers: 1