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Missing library for sqlldr
answered 12-12-2018 02:13:12 -0500

Hi, I am trying to use sqlldr to load the cache on an oracle database. sqlldr runs fine on the denodo system account. I just had to add export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/oracle/18.3/client64/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the profile. Nevertheless, it does...

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Bulk Data Load

server explorer issue
answered 11-12-2018 07:45:03 -0500

Hi After i logged into VDP i am unble to see server Explorer window , is there anyware which i can find the details .

Answers: 3

Unable to Start VDP Admin Tool
answered 11-12-2018 07:19:04 -0500

After installing Express and opening the Control Center, the VDP Server wouldn't start. After taking quotes out of the JAVA HOME path statement I was able to get it started but was unable to start the VDP Admin Tool. So I went to the VDP.LOG to see wha...

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VDP VDP client

ODBC compatibility matrix
answered 11-12-2018 07:08:47 -0500

Hallo, I have been asked to provide a compatibility matrix for ODBC when used by QlikSense, PowerBI, SS Analysis Services, SAS VA. I haven't found any such information, not even in non-matrix form. Would it be possible to know if some of these product...

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Unable to establish connection: connection error: Permission denied: connect
answered 11-12-2018 01:13:46 -0500

Product version : Denodo Platform 7.0 using windows 10 64 bit. While tryint o connect to a new JDBC connection getting the following error "Unable to establish connection: connection error: Permission denied: connect"

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After Installing Denodo Express 6.0 I am unable to connect to VDP via the Administration Tool
answered 10-12-2018 16:29:17 -0500

Help!!! Note: I've already looked at several other posts relating to this and I still can't connect after trying everything suggested. I am running as administrator ("Run As Administrator"). I've added TCP ports (9000:9999) access to the firewa...

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VDP administration connection error

Connecting to Denodo through Python
answered 10-12-2018 11:00:11 -0500

I am trying to connect to the Denodo views and struggling creating a connection below is my code.. --- is commented code , reated DSN also but still doesnt connect import psycopg2 conn = psycopg2.connect(host="denodo-dev.com:2000",database="ldw", ...

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Connecting to an external web service

open file from the path available in database field
answered 10-12-2018 03:13:26 -0500

I have a denodo service which returns some data from database one of the field in the database has path information ex:/folder1/folder2/filename.txt each row will have different file information Requirement is : When denodo displays the database.I shou...

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Denodo restful ws 404 error
answered 06-12-2018 07:40:19 -0500

Hi Team, Denodo Express 7 Windows 10 DB : admin Base View : client Web container : ON http://localhost:9090/denodo-restfulws/admin/views/client I get 404 page not found error. What I am doing wrong. What do i check to fix this issue. Thanks.

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Passing Parameter to a MicroService dynamically
answered 06-12-2018 06:55:20 -0500

Hi I have a microservice running in python. I have created a http client data source in denodo for the micro service. the URL is like below request : http://localhost:5000/product/productno the last part of the URL is the parameter /productno I hav...

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