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Which version of Denodo officially supports SQL Server 2017?
answered 13-03-2019 04:57:29 -0400

Hello, Which version of Denodo officially supports SQL Server 2017? Where I can find this information and about other supported databases as well? Kind regards,

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Silent Uninstall
answered 13-03-2019 04:20:57 -0400

I'm looking for a way to silently uninstall the denodo admin client from user workstations. I was hoping it would be similar to the silent install steps, but no joy so far.

Answers: 3

Unattended Silent Uninstall

How to Delete Database from GitHub when it is Deleted from VDP Admin Tool
answered 13-03-2019 00:30:51 -0400

I have GitHub for Version Control. When I delete a Denodo Database using VDP Admin Tool, the database disappears from the VCS Management list but does not disappear from GitHub. How can I make it so the database also gets Deleted from the GitHub repos...

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Delete Database Version Control

Error retrieving data from csv file using SFTP
answered 12-03-2019 23:42:41 -0400

Hi, I am getting below exception while retrieving data from csv file using SFTP. I got partial results. out of 30 csv files ... got partial results from 5 files. can you please help me on this? Incomplete results Incomplete results Incomplete results ...

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sftp sftp data source

How Many VDBs, Data Sources and Views per server on Denodo 7?
answered 12-03-2019 11:28:54 -0400

We have the standard sizing guide for the number of power users and regular users per 4C/16gb server, but are there limits or guidelines around how many VDBs and Views may be properly supported on a single server, or is that meaningless - it's all abou...

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Full Caching in Denodo Express
answered 12-03-2019 08:35:16 -0400

I'm trying to enable caching on a view that I have created based off of a JDBC connection to a SQL server. I'm using Denodo express and when I try to turn on full caching, i get the following error: Error loading jdbc data source 'vdpcachedatasource'...

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Cache error

Double format conversion
answered 12-03-2019 07:18:28 -0400

Hi I am facing following two formatting issues in denodo: a) When converting a double value from SAP R/3 system denodo is displaying the value as 0e-20. in SAP the value of the field is 0,000 when connected and queried in a derived view the output is...

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how to get incidence data through Rest API from SOLMAN ?
answered 12-03-2019 06:01:37 -0400

how to get incidence data through Rest API from SOLMAN ? Please guide me Thanks in advance

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StackOverFlow error in JDBC Vertica Driver
answered 12-03-2019 00:27:32 -0400

I am using sqoop to fetch data from HP Vertica using Vertica's JDBC driver. My Vertica setup has node to node encryption enabled and is on SSL. I have a single mapper that fetches data, and there are more than 300 million rows in the projection. I am e...

Answers: 2

vertica JDBC

Workday to Denodo
answered 08-03-2019 08:01:34 -0500

How do we connect Workday to Denodo? Is there any knowledge base article that explains step by step on how to connect Worday with Denodo.

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