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Daily Data refresh for Remote tables
answered 14-10-2019 08:20:48 -0400

Hello, I'm using remote table to create a table and load the data in an oracle database. will the load refresh automatically if there is any new data in the base view. or do we have to exceute the base view again to perform the data refresh. Can it ...

Answers: 1

Subquery giving an error
answered 14-10-2019 07:13:30 -0400

Hi I have a VQL query as follows: SELECT * FROM bv_getlistdata WHERE sessionhandle = '123456' and token = (SELECT requesttoken FROM bv_request) The view bv_getlistdata has 2 parameters sessionhandle and token and the bv_request view has a single ou...

Answers: 3


Migrate only users and roles.
answered 11-10-2019 03:30:07 -0400

I want to create a script which have only create commands for all the users and roles for that database or server.So that same users and roles can be created in different server using those commands .Please let me now if any one have other solution to ...

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How does the license work?
answered 10-10-2019 09:09:54 -0400

The documentation says that the use of a license can end if "The maximum number of cores / processors / servers defined by the license was exceeded", does the license manager have the ability to review that? In case the client already has a server (for...

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Can I use Denodo to paginate through a REST API where the link to the next page is returned in the header?
answered 10-10-2019 08:27:43 -0400

I'm trying to use Denodo to pull data from the OKTA API. The data is coming back paginated. OKTA puts a link to the next page in the response headers: https://developer.okta.com/docs/reference/api-overview/#link-header Link header RFC: https://tools....

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rest api okta

incremental cache stored procedure finishing with error
answered 10-10-2019 08:21:35 -0400

incremental cache stored procedure finishing with "error getting rows to update in cache" . i followed the installation manual, where could i have gone wrong?

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Cache error

Datetime issue
answered 10-10-2019 07:43:52 -0400

Denodo custom Wrapper I am using below code, In the timestamp_field, timestamptz_field column is coming blank. @Override public CustomWrapperSchemaParameter[] getSchemaParameters( Map<String, String> inputValues) { return new CustomWrapperS...

Answers: 1

Denodo customWrapper Datetime field is not working in environment

LDAP authentication Error
answered 10-10-2019 07:14:19 -0400

Hi Team, I am trying connect the LDAP Microsoft ACtive Directory services to set up Single sign on. I am able to connect LDAP server by creating data source. I am created a base view with Objectclass->User->userprincipalname Got a error java.secu...

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Denodo - Data Processing/Preparation, Python use cases
answered 09-10-2019 11:08:53 -0400

Hi, We are currently using Denodo mainly for reporting stuffs and predictive analytics. What we are curious about is related to how we should see the Denodo and when it's best case to use and i have few topics related to this: For example if i ha...

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denodo data processing preparation python use cases

Base view on a DB2 LUW Global Temp Table
answered 09-10-2019 08:42:52 -0400

I am trying to grab Denodo logged in user name and then inserting it into DB2 LUW "Declared Global Temp Table" for one of the application running on DB2 LUW. It seems it is only possible if the base view is created as regular view (Not created by query...

Answers: 5

DB2 LUW Global Temp Table