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Flatten Parent Child Hierarchy
answered 03-12-2018 10:46:58 -0500

We need to flatten a parent child hierarchy into one row like level 1, level 2, level 3...base level. Level 1 is the top parant and base level is the child (lowest level). Level could be ragged but we can set fixed level. For example, we can set level ...

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Parent Child Hierarchy

Export vs export database
answered 03-12-2018 08:53:23 -0500

What is the difference between export and export database? Thanks, Hamid

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Denodo 6.0

Denodo VQL backjp restoration Errors and vql restoration step by step process
answered 03-12-2018 06:03:26 -0500

I am trying to restore Denodo vql backup from Vdp tool, it was ended with few errors and after restoration I noticed as only databases and folders are there, nothing is there inside the folders.. How can I get complete data One of developer asked ...

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import restore vql restore

searching for null values in formatted date datatype
answered 03-12-2018 04:55:32 -0500

I have a database whose date datatype is "CHAR" So inside denodo i used format date and to date function to convert the date datatype I am able to search the date dynamically with Between operator but I am not able to search for null values or empty va...

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Scheduler Integration
answered 03-12-2018 04:53:01 -0500

Team , We would like to use TIDAL scheduler for Processing data in a .csv file from a view to a different path. We don't want to use "Denodo Scheduler" which does this. We would like to know how we can integrate the 3rd party scheduler. Thanks, Sidd...

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Allowing Multiple inputs in SOAP webservice
answered 30-11-2018 08:35:13 -0500

Hi, I have created a SOAP webservice with fields field1,field2,field3 in input and multiple outputs (field4,field5)(field4,field5) BUt the requirement is I need to send multiple inputs in the request example {(field1,field2,field3)(field1,field2,field3...

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Starting a web service
answered 30-11-2018 05:41:53 -0500

Cancelling the question. I figured it out.

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Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice

How to create URL for complete FTP server so that anyone can access files from their browser from anywhere?
answered 30-11-2018 05:40:21 -0500

Complete FTP Trail version 11.0.4

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Metadata select invalid view/colums
answered 30-11-2018 04:36:51 -0500

Is it possible in denodo 6 tot make a query on metadta to select all invalid view with invalid columns?

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Initialization error. Cannot trust in the server to establish the SSL connection
answered 30-11-2018 03:43:22 -0500

Installed Denodo express with default setting Windows 2016 server Virtual DataPort Server was already started. When i tried to launch server with default admin credentials , i am getting "Initialization error. Cannot trust in the server to establis...

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