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How to read records with a different number of columns from the same source file?
answered 14-01-2021 22:18:02 -0500

There is one record with 3 fields or columns in a delimited file and there is another record with 4 fields or columns in the same file. How do I read both of these records in the same base view?

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"error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects"
answered 14-01-2021 14:18:48 -0500

Hi I get this error for any operation performed on the database. - "error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects" Denodo Platform 6.0 on a Linux VM OS - CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) Last week, we were able to create a new view s...

Answers: 2

How to debug a custom handler?
answered 13-01-2021 06:21:56 -0500

I am developing a custom handler to be used for some of our scheduled jobs. Is there a step-by-step tutorial for debuging custom handler code? What I have found so far are for custom extentions of VDP functinalities (functions or stored procedure). Fo...

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Unable to test OData Url in Postman
answered 13-01-2021 05:04:43 -0500

Hi Team, I've installed Denodo express 8 in my local system which is Windows10 operating system to practice myself. I've created local database tutorial connecting to my Oracle DB. Tested the connection it was successful. When i place the below Odata u...

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"SELECT top 1 1 as ID FROM <base view> uanble to excute
answered 13-01-2021 02:26:45 -0500

We have connected the SAP Database. when we are unable to excute the below query "SELECT top 1 1 as ID FROM &lt;base view&gt; " for the expected result ID 1 what changes can be done as the expected result thanks in Advance

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Top N SAP DENODO SAP BW/4HANA denodo with tableau

About the access of rules in Resource Manager
answered 12-01-2021 21:52:24 -0500

Hi team, We have requirment: we have a denodo role group (such as the same is role_aaa), we want to define a rule that only want to apply to this role_aaa, which let the query sent from this role group, its runtime cannot exceeds 5 minutes. what I set ...

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condition´╝î resource Manager rules

REST service data source for large amount of data
answered 12-01-2021 09:56:10 -0500

I have a REST service data source containing a few million product items. How are VSQL query parameters such as ItemId converted to the query parameter on that source REST service? Does Denodo have to pull all 3 million items and then filter the resul...

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REST Data Source

The version of Denodo on which window (analytic) function of SQL can be used
answered 12-01-2021 07:09:17 -0500

&lt;Reference&gt; https://community.denodo.com/answers/question/details?questionId=90670000000k9oHAAQ&amp;title=When+will+Denodo+support+analytic+functions+(i.e.+RANK%2C+NTILE%2C+PARTITION+BY....)%3F &lt;Denodo VDP Version&gt; 6.0 Administration tool:...

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DENODO #Analytic function

Unable to establish connection: IO Error: Unknown host specified
answered 11-01-2021 07:41:29 -0500

Hi Experts, Getting the following error while perfroming the test connection in denodo 8 Unable to establish connection: IO Error: Unknown host specified But the same set of connectivity information is working in denodo 7. Please let me know what k...

Answers: 1

unknown host

How to find Invalid views using VQL or Query
answered 08-01-2021 15:56:41 -0500

I want to find the invalid views using vql or query . This is really important as when import happens to higher environement using solution manager it really doesnt show the errored view and need to manually check all the views which is very tedious. ...

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