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Multiple CSV files in AWS S3 folder location
answered 26-09-2022 01:17:57 -0400

Trying to figure out the logic to put in the path or the pattern field to create a base view that will utilize ALL CSV files in a particular S3 bucket folder location. DFSDelimitedTextFileWrapper is the wrapper being used currently. Is there someth...

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AWS S3 Mulitple Files

Denodo 8.0 VCS
answered 23-09-2022 08:57:00 -0400

VCS - I do commit, push, pull using same user 'ABC' which is a denodo user, but when I check in git I see 2 users 'ABC' and another user 'XYZ', the wierd thing is 'XYZ' is a windows users and not a denodo user. How it is possible ? What is author and c...

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To save Denodo Logs to Azure Monitor
answered 23-09-2022 00:02:46 -0400

We are trying to Send denodo logs to Azure Monitor. We have installed our Application in AKS and also, we are using the latest image Denodo Platform 8.0 Update 20220815. Is there any document that can help us set up the Azure Monitoring. We went thro...

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Azure monitor DENODO LOGS

SSL implementation sequence
answered 20-09-2022 20:08:33 -0400

To implement SSL in denodo platform environments in dev,uat,prod, soln-mgr. is there a Sequence in which it should be implemented.? e.g. SSL should be implemented on Dev/UAT VDP servers first or Denodo solution manager should be first?

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ping command is not working
answered 19-09-2022 20:08:58 -0400

Hi I am trying to ping denodo scheduler and other services using the command you gave but I am unable to do it. ping -t 3000 -v //localhost:9999 getting error as"ping: ttl 3000 out of range" I ahve tried other ping command as it is mentioned in docu...

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a Question
answered 19-09-2022 08:10:23 -0400


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Kubernetes + migrate to external database requires temporary restart in admin mode
answered 16-09-2022 12:26:20 -0400

Not so much a question as a note that (if confirmed by others) could be incorporated into documentation? During restart of VDP services after migration to external metadatabase the container reported below error [20220815 version]. I think the issue i...

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Denodo 8 kubernetes DENODO Metadata

current_timestamp wrong when compare my local time
answered 16-09-2022 06:38:49 -0400

when i execute this query: select current_timestamp result is: 2022-09-15 19:42:17.255-07:00 and my local time is : 2022-09-16 09:42:17.255-07:00 it has a difference of 14 hours it can be tricked with using the addhour function how it can be automatic...

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docker images dies shortly after starting
answered 15-09-2022 05:54:18 -0400

Hello, I am following the documentation to start your docker images. I do have a license and am using the following flags. docker run -d -h myserver -p 9999:9999 -p 9997:9997 -p 9996:9996 -p 9995:9995 -p 9090:9090 \ -v pathtofile.lic:/opt/denodo/conf...

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Publishing as Grpc service
answered 14-09-2022 03:31:00 -0400

Hi All, Is it possible to publish a view as a Grpc service or other services than Rest, Soap,Odata and Graphql ? Thanks

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