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How can i install the VDP?
answered 09-06-2022 06:40:12 -0400

Hi, i am in the free trail on AWS and only able to use the Design Studio so far Can you tell my how i can use or install the VDP ? is there also an URL wheher i have to put my instance IP inside Or is there an exe or zip where i can download it ? ...

Answers: 1

Join methods
answered 09-06-2022 06:13:50 -0400

Which join methods can cause significant consumption of memory if the number of rows to process is large?

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the views in the VDP folders are all disappear
answered 08-06-2022 21:22:32 -0400

I faced a problem, in Denodo 7, my folders are all empty. I cannot see the views inside, but I can save the views, just I cannot see them. And my colleagues can see them in their Denodo VDP, very strange. does anybody know why? Thanks and regards.

Answers: 2

b Create Base View Base View configuration

SOAP Web Service
answered 08-06-2022 18:09:38 -0400

What data source would you use to connect to a SOAP Webservice?

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Identifying return structure
answered 08-06-2022 01:53:01 -0400

Does Virtual DataPort identifies the return structure of a web service containing polymorphic/recursive data type and anyType by the stucture of the response or by the structure of the response and definition?

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Executing multiple queries separated by semicolon through python
answered 08-06-2022 00:13:05 -0400

Hi, Is there any way of executing multiple queries separated by semicolon through jdbc connection via python? Thanks, Aashutosh

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jdbc Python

Month integer to Month name
answered 07-06-2022 08:09:45 -0400

I have a column with values of month numbers called "month" 01 02 03 I want the results to be of months name Jan Feb Mar, How to achieve this

Answers: 4

date formatdate monthinteger monthtext

Access to Solution Manager and VDP for workling with Design Studio
answered 07-06-2022 06:40:54 -0400

Hi, i am using the denodo proffesional free trail on AWS during my registration ( helped by youtube-video and denodo page) i managed all and can now log in to the design studio can i also get free access to the solution manager and the data virtualisat...

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How can I rename a REST web service?
answered 07-06-2022 06:23:40 -0400

How can I rename a REST Web Service I created in Denodo?

Answers: 3

denodo7 REST Webservice

Services fail to start, referring to wrapper.startup.timeout
answered 07-06-2022 05:34:12 -0400

The Denodo 8 services failed to start on a Windows 2019 machine (startup type = Automatic). When looking at the logs, I found the following message: WARNING|7680/0|22-06-01 12:10:45|startup of java application timed out. if this is due to server over...

Answers: 1

service windows timeout