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Cache Database with mysql(AWS Aurora)
answered 03-09-2019 08:07:21 -0400

The customer wants to use the mysql(AWS Aurora) for Dev and QA environment. Is preferable to mysql as cache database in respective to performance? Customer Source system is oracle and MS SQL Server. Based on the caching requirement, they are plann...

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Automate Deployment
answered 03-09-2019 07:55:02 -0400

We can automate the code deployment usin GIT in denodo? If so please sshare some document on the automatiom of code deployment

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Code Deployment

Is this still required in Denodo 7.0?
answered 03-09-2019 06:36:10 -0400

The knoweldge base article says this is applicable to Denodo versions 5 through 6 but I'm seeing this error on denodo 7.0 when querying a base view on oracle 12c using the authentication option "Use pass-through session credentials". When I chose to us...

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Denodo 7.0

can i pass a parameter to a VQL view from command line
answered 02-09-2019 08:13:18 -0400

I want to pass a paramter to a VQL view , is it possible to pass a paramter using command line. e.g. vql> excute_vql sample.vql <parameter>

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TimeZone Issue with RESTful Webservices
answered 02-09-2019 00:48:26 -0400

The error message below is received when attempting to access the objects in the http://localhost:9090/denodo-restfulws/tutorial I have attempted to resolve this by changing the timezone in the C:\Denodo\DenodoPlatform7.0\resources\apache-tomcat\webapp...

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Create data sources, base views, derived views, etc. from a RESTful service
answered 30-08-2019 09:27:28 -0400

Hello, we are looking to automate denodo object management (data sources, base views, derived views, permissions, etc.); is there any way to create objects through a RESTful service or some method other than manually through the GUI or through JDBC/ODB...

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Calling Simple API from Custom function/Procedure
answered 30-08-2019 08:39:24 -0400

Hi Team, We have a customer requirement to call the encrption/decrytion activity which will be via simple API from denodo layer.Could you please help /support us how to create custom function/procedure in Java to call simple API from Denodo Thanks Balu S

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Custom Functions

How to create a Denodo Role with limited admin rights for monitoring & support team
answered 30-08-2019 06:28:16 -0400

Hello, I wanted to see if there is a way to create a Denodo Role with privileges for read-only to all database, roles and privileges, and running queries/sessions, but can kill runaway queries and disconnect users. The objective is having a support ...

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Unable to establish connection: IO Error: The Network adapter could not establish the connection
answered 29-08-2019 11:01:47 -0400

Please note that this question refers to the Data Virtualization Developer (Introduction) - On-demand course. I have after 4 frustrating weeks of trial and error finally got the Denodo Quickstart virtual machine up and running on VirtualBox 6.0.01. I...

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Network Adapter

DB and SCHEMA - default versus usage
answered 29-08-2019 08:28:52 -0400

i have the JDBC connection set and the Database URI includes a default DB, SCHEMA and WAREHOUSE. when selecting CREATE BASE VIEW, i see other schemas. If i select a table from a schema or db other then the values provided in the JDBC connection string,...

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schema snowflake