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how to get incidence data through Rest API from SOLMAN ?
answered 12-03-2019 06:01:37 -0400

how to get incidence data through Rest API from SOLMAN ? Please guide me Thanks in advance

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StackOverFlow error in JDBC Vertica Driver
answered 12-03-2019 00:27:32 -0400

I am using sqoop to fetch data from HP Vertica using Vertica's JDBC driver. My Vertica setup has node to node encryption enabled and is on SSL. I have a single mapper that fetches data, and there are more than 300 million rows in the projection. I am e...

Answers: 2

vertica JDBC

Workday to Denodo
answered 08-03-2019 08:01:34 -0500

How do we connect Workday to Denodo? Is there any knowledge base article that explains step by step on how to connect Worday with Denodo.

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Sharepoint connection to denodo
answered 08-03-2019 08:00:46 -0500

Hi denodo Team, I have below questions when working Sharepoint, can you pls check ? Is there a way that I can connect to denodo from share point and display data in sharepoint? If read is possible, is there a way to write back also possible fro...

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DENODO Sharepoint

integrated view is giving Null output though it has values init.
answered 08-03-2019 07:39:19 -0500

Hi Team, I have created integrated view using 2 base views in denodo. When i execute it, only 1st row i can see. Rest of the rows, i am seeing null values. It is the same case with many integrated views we created in denodo, we get all null valued ro...

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Is there any way to modify the font size for my Denodo tool. it is much smaller than my windows setting and it is very difficult to read currently
answered 08-03-2019 06:31:14 -0500

I have the Denodo 7.0 platform tool installed on my Windows machine and the font size on all of my other applications is adjustable thru the Windows Control Panel setting however this setting does not change the font size in the Denodo tool. The font s...

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exporting only Roles
answered 08-03-2019 04:36:41 -0500

is there a way to export only the Roles. in Denodo 7?

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#Roles export

SSAS Tabular Model Data Source
answered 08-03-2019 01:58:04 -0500

Does Denodo support SSAS tabular model database as data source? If yes, what will the base view(s) look like? Is it going to be one big base view that include all columns from all tables in the SSAS tabular model, or multiple base views for each table ...

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When running as admin, receiving "Error storing wrapper: Error accessing the metadata" when attempting to create base view
answered 08-03-2019 00:52:31 -0500

Hi, I'm currently attempting to create base views in VDP Administration Tool and receiving the following error message: Unable to create base view: error creating 'json' wrapper: Error storing wrapper 'WRAPPER': Error accessing the metadata while lo...

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Base view VDP Administration Tool

Python SQLAlchemy and connecting to Denodo
answered 07-03-2019 08:03:02 -0500

Has anyone had any luck in connecting to Denodo via SQLAlchemy (ORM for Python)? Are there any python drivers that with both SQLAlchemy and Denodo? For example, I am able to run queries against Dendo using Python's Psycopg2 driver. However when I try...

Answers: 3

SQLAlchemy Python