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Setup connection with QlikSense
answered 10-09-2020 15:21:37 -0400

How to setup connection of Denodo Base and Derived VIews with QlikSense ? What is the port number to be used to make connection from ODBC driver ? In Our production setup, we have two Denodo server i.e., Production and DR how it will failover in case...

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answered 10-09-2020 13:16:54 -0400

Hi, I create a datasource for XML and and a view is created - basically a Wrapper is created and I can execute this view in the Execution panel. Question: Need guidance on who I can query or transform data into a csv or into a tabular form by rows. M...

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XML Data Source

Filtering Left Outer Joins with Automatic Simplification of Queries enabled causing execution plan to be complex
answered 10-09-2020 08:38:26 -0400

My development team is seeing strange behaviour with Denodo execution plans when using left outer joins and filters. We have a query that has multiple left joins to get data from a lookup table. When we execute the query, it takes approximately 20 se...

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Filter left join Query Simplification

Invalidate Cache
answered 10-09-2020 07:58:04 -0400

I had Full cache enabled for 3 views, they were scheduled to run everyday. But because of the large quantity of data, the temporary cache tables became too large and the jobs started failing citing lack of space as the reason. So I invalidated cache f...

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create a base view from Dremio data source, different sourcetypeid value for the same column of this base view
answered 10-09-2020 06:18:47 -0400

Hi Team, we are connection dremio data source to create base view, we found for the decimal column in source, such as decimal (10,0), deciaml (6,0), the sourcetypeid show different value in waprrer and table difinition, see below generated vql from dre...

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sourcetypeid value Dremio source

Denodo MongoDB Base Base View Creation
answered 10-09-2020 04:11:25 -0400

HI Team, I'm trying to create base view from a mongodb datasource using Connection String(host:port/database) and Collection fields as wrapper parameter values but I'm facing the error "There was an error while creating this base view: Error while exec...

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Store logs in csv format S3
answered 10-09-2020 04:03:05 -0400

Hello, I have set up the log4j.xml file to store the VDP-queries log to S3 location. I can see that the files stored are in an unreadable format. Can you please let me know if I can store them in csv format? I have followed the below link to set it up...

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AWS S3 query logs logging log4j2.xml

Denodo consuming Impala array datatype
answered 10-09-2020 03:13:47 -0400

We are trying to connect to a Impala table through Denodo. We are able to connect to Impala and see the underlying table. However when we create a base view, the "array" field in underlying Impala table is coming as "text" field. For example below "tes...

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ReST API Dynamic end point
answered 09-09-2020 14:04:46 -0400

I need to execute the First Endpoint and get the results Using the results of the First URL (ID) need to execute another call to get the corresponding data. First Call example https://company.data.com/api/metaproperties/ ID ABC CDE EFG Second Call e...

Answers: 2


Insert a field in a SQLServer with DEFAULT value
answered 09-09-2020 08:29:04 -0400

Hi, How i insert a field in a SQLServer with DEFAULT as the value in the timestamp in write back? I need insert in Sqlserver table a field like that: catalogo_id = 'CATALOGO_ID' :'java.sql.Blob' (OPT) (sourcetypesize='8', sourcetypeid='-2', sourcetyp...

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