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Denodo in Automated Release cycle
answered 16-03-2022 07:29:25 -0400

We are evaluating Denodo for one of our prestigous client. There are few queries which we have, if you can let me know the response. Wrt Testing, we want to compare Denodo Testing Tool vs SoapUI / Postman. Can you let us know the pros and cons of ...

Answers: 3

Denodo Denodo Testing Tool Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice

Build and release process for denodo / CICD process for denodo
answered 16-03-2022 07:23:54 -0400

we are doing POC on cicd/pipeline process for denodo(.vql extensions). someone please help with build and release and stages involved.

Answers: 1

pipelines buildtools cicd

Query timeout while loading the cache
answered 16-03-2022 06:29:55 -0400

Hi Team, When caching the data set we are getting query time out. And it is timing out around 30min or so. Query timeout under Tools--> Connections--?set as 33.33 min (2000000 millisec). We are not sure if this setting is affecting the caching? An...

Answers: 1

Can Case be used with Join conditions.
answered 15-03-2022 08:56:50 -0400

I am using a code where after using the left outer join i need to add case statement, but I am gettig error while using it. For example:- SELECT * FROM sys.indexes i JOIN sys.partitions p ON i.index_id = p.index_id JOIN sys.allocation_units a ON CASE W...

Answers: 3

Connect to embedded Denodo database (Apache Derby) using REST API (required metadata view_custom_property.json, localviews.json).
answered 15-03-2022 08:29:04 -0400

Hello all, I would like to connect to the "live data" of the files view_custom_property.json and localviews.json. And afterwards I would like to create these as a base view. Unfortunately I can't find the right schema to access it via REST API: ...

Answers: 5

#Export_metadata JSON Denodo Rest API

How to connect ADLSv2 container with Denodo docker container running on a Azure VM.
answered 15-03-2022 08:11:54 -0400

How to connect ADLSv2 container with Denodo docker container running on a Azure VM.

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Docker DENODO Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

JDBC jar file import error
answered 14-03-2022 10:37:21 -0400

HI there I am trying to import the jdbc jar file in denodo but after the import is completed i am getting errors .![https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tii-FIxulTdxkmAKSNm3WBCeRzILngyC/view?usp=sharing]. I have attached a screenshot of the error. kindly d...

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Using VQL to DROP or DELETE a derived view
answered 14-03-2022 09:19:27 -0400

Is there a way to DELETE or DROP a derived view using VQL? I would like to programatically do this in python but there doesn't seem to be a VQL command (that I can find) that would allow me to have a list of views to run through and delete. Thanks!

Answers: 1

Delete VQL Derived views

REST API - Expression in group by resulting Error
answered 14-03-2022 09:13:08 -0400

Hello team, I am working on REST API and forming my query dynamically. Query is forming correctly but I am facing error while it tries to evaluate expression present in GroupBy clause. It say such column does not exists. Below is the sample query and ...

Answers: 3

Get error when Joining 2 files
answered 14-03-2022 09:10:46 -0400

When I try to join the 2 files below, I get the below error. SQL Error [50001] [HY000]: Error executing query. Total time 1.632 seconds. QUERY [PROJECTION] [ERROR] QUERY [SELECTION] [ERROR] QUERY [PROJECTION] [ERROR] QUERY [PROJECTION] [ERROR] QUERY ...

Answers: 1