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Wrapper source configuration missing in web design studio
answered 08-08-2022 19:39:19 -0400

If we open any of the base views we can see "Wrapper source configuration" under options->search method, if you are using "Data Port Administration Tool" and the same option "Wrapper source configuration" is missing in web design studio I'm using ...

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wrapper source configuration

Why there are different ports assigned for JDBC (9999) and ODBC(9996)?
answered 05-08-2022 17:18:13 -0400

Generally there will be single port to which an application can connect from both jdbc as well as odbc. Why denodo is providing different ports for both?

Answers: 1

PostgreSQL JDBC Denodo 7 ODBC Denodo 8 ODBC Denodo vdp jdbc driver

VCS showing out of sync
answered 04-08-2022 19:11:30 -0400

VCS is using github. and it is showing in RED color status ( out of sync) for all folders. any resolution for this?

Answers: 1

#VCS; #Github

Denodo column lineage
answered 04-08-2022 17:54:27 -0400

Hi Team, I am working on denodo column lineage. It is difficult for me to understand the lineage. I am using dv_getcolumndependency end point from collibraintegration_dev. Please guide me abouth depth and share knowledge.

Answers: 1

Collibra Connect Columns to Rows cache column

Automation of Metadata
answered 03-08-2022 19:30:00 -0400

Hi Is there a script that automates the reading of metadata into denodo VDP and not the catalog since all the data sources are from excel? Like the data type and the field description without having to copy and paste from the excel metadata file?

Answers: 3

Excel Metadata

Denodo VCS configuration with different repos (Git, MS TFS, subversion) for different database.
answered 03-08-2022 10:22:49 -0400

I have 3 databases in VDP. In VCS, I want database 1 to be configured/managed by GIT, databse 2 to be configured in Microsoft TFS and database 3 to be configured in Subversion. Is this possible in Denodo ? if so, Please share document or link for it.

Answers: 1


Accessing From Variable Data Route option in Web design studio not working as expected
answered 03-08-2022 08:49:21 -0400

Denodo Platform 8.0 In Virtual data studio, when accessing a file via Variable Data route we are able to load the file by pointing to the file location whereas in web design studio we don't have that option rather it is expecting to copy and paste the...

Answers: 1

Accessing the local path via Web Design Studio
answered 03-08-2022 08:46:20 -0400

Is there any way where we can point to our system local path when using the option "LOCAL" for Data Route. Else is there any way where we would be able to access the web design's local path from our system atleast to place a file or something like that

Answers: 1

Impersonate a Role in Denodo
answered 02-08-2022 14:01:38 -0400

Hi, Being an Admin on a Denodo server ,is there a way I can impersonate a certain role and verify if that Role has all the intended access or not ? thank you !

Answers: 2

Access and Role

answered 02-08-2022 13:50:03 -0400

Hi, Can anyone please help me in connecting ADLS with denodo? Is this requires some driver installation or directly as a HDBC connection?

Answers: 1