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How can we check a specific user/account is created by which account?
answered 22-01-2021 05:12:08 -0500

Hi team, if I have Denodo account in DV, and I want to check who and when created that account, how can we do that? We down the vdp.log but cannot get this kind of information. How can get this information? thanks.

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user account check who create

Flat file data source compressed zip file
answered 21-01-2021 03:24:03 -0500

I am using Dendo 8 platform. I have a zip file containing multiple delimited csv files. I create a delimited file datasource and during source configuration I select "Decompress (zip format)" option. Test connection is successful. However after I save ...

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About the access of rules in Resource Manager
answered 20-01-2021 08:29:40 -0500

Hi team, We have requirment: we have a denodo role group (such as the same is role_aaa), we want to define a rule that only want to apply to this role_aaa, which let the query sent from this role group, its runtime cannot exceeds 5 minutes. what I set ...

Answers: 3

condition´╝î resource Manager rules

Error using multiple inner joins
answered 19-01-2021 04:53:30 -0500

Hi Community I'm facing an error with vdp, when using joins. I'm working on a view using 28 inner joins, at 25th join everything works fine, but when i add the 26th table to join with i have the following error : Finished with error: Error executing...

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How to find Invalid views using VQL or Query
answered 19-01-2021 02:23:36 -0500

I want to find the invalid views using vql or query . This is really important as when import happens to higher environement using solution manager it really doesnt show the errored view and need to manually check all the views which is very tedious. ...

Answers: 6

Query optimization for fixed length file sources
answered 18-01-2021 10:18:33 -0500

Hi, We have fixed lenth data source and it is mutli record type file for example the starting of the row will what type record it is like if start with 's' it is a student record it is start with 'm' it is marks record like that there will be mutiple ...

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Query Optimization in denodo 7

Summary rewriting does not work when querying through an interface view
answered 18-01-2021 09:30:10 -0500

Hi, I'm making tests on Summary Rewrite Optimization using Denodo Express 8.0 for Windows 64 bits. I have a base view on an Oracle table (bv_dwhxn_facd). I have an interface view on this base view (iv_bv_dwhxn_facd). To keep it simple the interface ...

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summary query re-write

Spatial functions available in Denodo Express?
answered 18-01-2021 07:05:21 -0500

Hi, We are performing a proof of concept with Denodo. For our organisation spatial data is of uthermost importance. In the documentation of the Xtrafunc functionality I can see there are some spatial functions (https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/do...

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Spatial data

"Remote license not found. The server is not registered in Solution Manager." when starting VDP server in Docker container.
answered 18-01-2021 06:04:32 -0500

Can't get past the server trying to find a license on the license/solution manager when starting a VDP server in a Docker container. I've successfully started a local installation of a VDP server getting a license from the license/solution manager and ...

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container Denodo 7.0 Denodo 7 Solution Manager Docker 7 License 7.0 docker

answered 18-01-2021 05:58:32 -0500

Hi, Does Denodo 8.0 has its own AI/ML algorithms or is it that one can create own AI/ML scripts in say R/Python etc and run them in Denodo 8.0? Also, which other tools of AI/ML can be integrated in Denodo 8.0? Thanks & Regards, Nisarg Shah

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