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row security

Hi Team, Denodo 7.0 Where to find 'mask' and 'map' functions ? I saw them here: Thanks.

sending Alert for soln mgr server goes down.

is there way to track if solution manager server went down, is there any smtp integration solution denodo has?

Thales encryption product support

Dear denode team I am working at Thales for selling encryption product as below, its similar with Protegrity. .NET/JAVA/C SDKs REST A...

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flattening multiple array field using a single flattening view

Hi Team, We need to flatten the view which is having 3 register and every register having 3 array fields. can we flatten this view using single flatten view instead of multiple stage flatten view creation. presently we are using denodo 8.0 20220815. ...

Query in Denodo Datacatalog results in error "Incorrect syntax near 'OFFSET'"

what can I do to solve the problem? Error executing query. Total time 0.02 seconds. QUERY [CACHE] [ERROR] QUERY [JDBC WRAPPER] [ERROR] QUERY [JDBC ROUTE] [ERROR] Received exception with message 'Incorrect syntax near 'OFFSET'.'

Assign tag with VQL

Hi!, I'm trying to assign a created tag to a column through vql code. This is the sentence: ALTER TAG "SSN1" ADD_TO (VIEWS () COLUMNS (dev.anjana_menu.order_menu)); But I'm getting the following error: Error parsing command 'ALTER TAG "SSN1" ADD_TO...

Solution Manager Container reports Licence file not found

Hi, I get Error: "License file not found", even when the file is (I think) correctly placed with correct contents. background Downloaded latest solution manager container image (8.0-20220815) and uploaded this to local docker with kubernetes enabled f...

What is the purpose of different data sources in Scheduler?

Hi, Currently, I am trying to understand scheduler, when I am looking into the architechture, there is an option to add different data sources that we can define in Scheduler alone. Why do we have that? We have the option to add data source already in...

Struggling with Python Connection -- Encoding Issue

Hi, I have tried everything top connect to Denodo with Python but I am unable to do this. I have tied encoding decoding, converting bytes . you name it I have tried but I always get this message UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0...

Encryption at rest in Automated Cloud Mode

In automated cloud mode for AWS does denodo support encryption at rest for the root volume? Can we choose a customer managed key?