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Return all the privileges for the Roles created in the Denodo VDP.

Hi, I am trying to create a report on the privileges that each role has witin Denodo so that I can tie this into a report on Active Directory user and groups I already have. The idea is to return every role and the privileges returned byt the desc rol...

Denodo 7 and ORC Files

Hello, We are investigating how to connect Denodo to Google Cloud Storage. We already found the different options to do it and files Denodo can read, but we have not seen a connector to read ORC files. Do you know if Denodo has a connector or if ther...

Limitations on derived view (JOIN)

Hi All, we have derived view (JOIN) created with 15 tables (14 joins) and planning add additional logic which will bring 10-15 joins additonally . Could you please let me know if there will be any limitaion on that ? Thanks, Ravi

TCP/IP connection failed

Hi team, I am new to Denodo and try to establish a connection to a local sql-server instance. I get the following error: Unable to connect to the database: The TCP/IP connection to the host localhost, port 1433 has failed. Error: "connect timed out. Ve...

Denodo SSO SAML with Azure AD failed "Error validating SAML message" & "insufficient privileges to connect to the database 'admin'"

I tried setting up Azure SAML SSO in denodo express edition, It gives me below errors. I tried assigning different roles (allusers, admin, User, global_admin) to users but nothing is working. Open ID SSO Configuration is working good. Error validating...


Two Solution Managers

Hi Denodo wizards, Can we have two solution managers , one for Pre-prod Denodo and one for Prod Denodo? Also, currently we have just one solution manager for pre-prod and prod. We want to create a POC solution manager for testing something, so can we ...


i have two field one for years and the other for month i want to combine the to one field of type timpstamp i used the function to_timestamp but it did not work

"Configuration tasks" module

Hi, where can I find the "Configuration tasks" module? I need the " Denodo Training QuickStart Virtual Machine.ova" file for the DQVM installation. Can you maybe help me with a link?

Modify selection view

Hi All, Can we modify existing "selection" view and add another view with join condition?. I have tried to add it but it is accepting only one view . Just want to double check if there will be any other option .

Obtaining Data from API

Hello. I would like to obtain data from this API: What type of data source do I need to create, please? Thank you.