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db2 issues
answered 21-09-2020 12:22:58 -0400

I have made progress on setting up a denodo connection to an LUW db2 10.5 database. I deployed a db2.10.5 driver v10.5fp11_linuxx64_dsdriver.tar (which I downloaded from IBM site) to denodo vdp external library. I configured my connection to db2 and I ...

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jdbcerrors db2drivers DB2 LUW

db2 jdbc connection errors
answered 21-09-2020 07:34:33 -0400

I verified we are using java 1.8 on a denodo 7.0 installation. I have downlaoded v10.5fp11_linuxx64_dsdriver from ibm and loaded onto the vdp server drivers directory. I can now connect to my db2/udb luw instance. I can create a view just fine. but exe...

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DB2 10 JDBC jdbc

answered 21-09-2020 07:30:50 -0400

Hello, I have created a REST API which exposes whole Link to the user : Example : http://localhost:9090/server/admin/newdemo/views/newdemo What can we do, so no full API gets expose to the recepient he can easily manipulate if he want. DO we have to ...

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REST API Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice

je voudrai savoir comment le prétraitement des données se passe sur Denodo
answered 21-09-2020 07:26:26 -0400

juste une brève présentation du netoyage des données

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Data Cleaning

Troubleshooting steps for Denodo API failure
answered 21-09-2020 06:51:36 -0400

Hello Denodo Team, In case, if the REST APIs stops retrieving data. Could you please provide Step by Step troubleshooting sequence to handle this issue.

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#API #Rest_API

How do we do string_agg(sample1, ' + ') in denodo?
answered 21-09-2020 02:12:14 -0400

The operation string_agg(sample1, ' + ') done in Oracle needs to be implemented in Denodo.

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HTTP client JSON
answered 19-09-2020 16:28:08 -0400

Hi Team, Denodo Express 7.0 Please provide a working URL and supporting data for a JSON HTTP client example to practice. This does not work : http://data-server:8080/sales-ws/sales/ Thanks.

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JSON HTTP client

Automated update of views on source data change
answered 18-09-2020 21:24:19 -0400

Is there any way to setup automated update of base and derived views whenever there is a source data change ?

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#Source Data

denodo roadmap
answered 18-09-2020 14:55:50 -0400

where can I found roadmap? what is the difference between denodo and dremio?

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Multiple Users in 1 session, assessing same database same view.
answered 18-09-2020 08:08:27 -0400

would just like to check whether there are any restrictions or performance related impacts when multiple users are accessing the same views at the same time.

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