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Denodo storing the data in external database.
answered 15-04-2021 08:41:35 -0400

Hi Team, If connection breaks from Denodo to exteranl database dues to some network issue or if external database instance goes down then what is retry startergy? How often Denodo tries to reconnect? what is max retry count?

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external database denodo retry

I'm not able to retrive attribute from xml using xpath
answered 15-04-2021 08:33:52 -0400

I want to retrieve an attribute from xml value using xpath but I cannot retrieve it. If I execute statemet: SELECT cast('text', XPATH ( CAST ('xml' , '<Root attr="1111"> test </Root>' ) , '/Root/text()', true)) as xpath_results FROM Dual();...

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VDP v7 Not able to pull from Gitlab
answered 15-04-2021 08:27:33 -0400

Hi - when pulling the latest code from remote, it succedes. We can see the correct files on the Denodo server. But when pulling inside the VDP client, not all changes appear, but no error is reported. We are running version v7.0.2x We can also push...

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current_timestamp(0) function issue
answered 15-04-2021 08:24:59 -0400

Hi Team, Query 1: I followed the solution you provided in previous article: https://community.denodo.com/answers/question/details?questionId=9064u000000L849AAC&title=insert+operation+through+postman+for+multiple+unique+primary+keys datasource:terad...

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Denodo Hot backup
answered 15-04-2021 07:48:22 -0400

We wanted to setup a Denodo hot backup. I understand that this will be a separate always running server where metadata will be backed up/synchronized by the Solution manager and which will come up once main server goes down. However, I didn't find an...

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Denodo active-passive

answered 15-04-2021 07:41:59 -0400

Hello Team, what is the best approach to get data from sap hana view generated on top of the composite provider in BW4HANA to Denodo for reporting. Any help will be much appreciated. If you have step by step documentation please provide. Thank you. Patric

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Sap hana

INSERT Operation fails with multiple records and the now() function
answered 15-04-2021 07:26:17 -0400

I'm performing a simple Insert Operation with multiple records using the now() function. insert into "ViewName" ("Id", "Name", "EmailAddress", "EmailDtm") values ('1', 'joe', 'joe@denodo.com', now()), ('2', 'joe', 'joe@denodo.com', now()) It throws a...

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datetime Insert Operation

Iterative Development and Propagation
answered 15-04-2021 07:14:16 -0400

Hi, we want to use an iterativ aproach when creating new views in Denodo. That is, we start with a small set of attributes that get translated and so on. The rest of the attributes are Removed from the output screen and become a backlog. In the next it...

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Denodo Scheduler server could not be started:null
answered 14-04-2021 15:18:36 -0400

I have setup a new Denodo Express trial version and trying to setup the Indexer as per the tutorial. But in "Denodo Platform Control center" > Schedular : I am not able to start the "Schedular Server". Although 'Web Tools' and 'Schedular Index serv...

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Denodo scheduler admin

Unable to establish connection: IO Error: The Network adapter could not establish the connection - Denodo 8.0
answered 14-04-2021 07:52:10 -0400

I have the Denodo Quickstart virtual machine up and running on VirtualBox 6.1.18 I have followed the instructions regarding network adapter #2 configuration as provided and if i run command ip addr within the VM I can see that the adapter ip address 19...

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