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Connection JDBC Denodo AWS Free Trail to MYSQL Database dosent work
answered 20-06-2022 06:19:24 -0400

Hi, i am working with the Denodo Free Trail Version on AWS ( access to Web Design Studio ) and with the Denodo Express Version. The Tutorial https://community.denodo.com/tutorials/browse/basics/1install1denodo i start working with is doing good on ...

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Denodo_MySQL JDBC tutorial free-trial

answered 17-06-2022 06:35:04 -0400

Hi, please provide a query sample example to show the function listagg. Currently i am not able to produce syntactically correct query even though i follow the syntax. Also please do not provide the listagg function link in ur community as i already...

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Reports generations in Denodo Job schedualr
answered 16-06-2022 19:51:50 -0400

Hi team, While generating csv file report via denodo job schedular it generating the header bydeafult in Upper case like "ACCTOUNT NUMBER" ... is there any way to get it generated in lowe case header like" account number." please guide. please let ...

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Column name change in Interface View or Integration View?
answered 16-06-2022 11:10:43 -0400

What is best practice with regards to renaming columns? Should column names be renamed in the Interface layer or Integration layer. My thought is to change column names in the Interface layer only and leave real names in integration view, however, wh...

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How do I connect postgres DB in denodo?
answered 16-06-2022 07:50:42 -0400

How do I connect postgres DB in denodo? Could you please help on this,?

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Unable to establish connection: Communications link failure The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.
answered 15-06-2022 19:01:55 -0400

I am trying to do the tutorial for starters. I work with the denodo free trail on aws and using the design studio https://community.denodo.com/tutorials/browse/basics/2fs5jdbc I installed all what i need to. the sql server is running and java, pyth...

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Denodo Scheduler 8 Screen Flow
answered 15-06-2022 08:03:46 -0400

I noticed the Denodo 8 Scheduler does not function like the Denodo 7 Scheduler. When I click on Projects in Denodo Scheduler 7, it displays all the projects. I can then click on a project and it displays the jobs in the selected project and the selecte...

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Denodo Scheduler 8.0

Filtering out duplicate values
answered 14-06-2022 10:56:08 -0400

I am using ITPilot Wrapper Tool to grab clients report numbers, navigate to a URL to get their data (name and email), and input it in a website that then sends them an email requesting them to do a certain task for us. My problem is we have clients wit...

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About cache
answered 14-06-2022 10:25:33 -0400

I have a question about caching. I couldn't understand it by looking at the document, so could you please tell me a little more concisely and clearly? 1) What is Partial mode? 2) When "Explicit loads" is turned on and off 3) When "Match exact querie...

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Partial cache Cache

On base views created from query with parameters-how can we pass the parameters from a subquery in where statement
answered 14-06-2022 05:57:06 -0400

I have created a base view from query which contains parameters that I need to pass in order to get the result set. Base view name is bv_root_table. Parameter for the base view that is required that we pass is AccountID field. I am trying to execute a...

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Invalid query in create base view from query View without search methods baseview created from query Parameter Subquery