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For Denodo Professional trail version default credentials are not working
answered 06-04-2022 07:34:59 -0400

For username - admin password - admin Getting error - bad credentials

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License file not available for my user account
answered 06-04-2022 00:42:28 -0400

I downloaded Denodo express edition. After logging into the account, not able to see the license for my user account. It says the below error. Could you please check on the same and update us. User ID: smuthurajesh@gmail.com LICENSE FILE RENEWAL DATE...

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Denodo server goes in hung state, what type of query I can schedule at regular intervals to check if it's responding or not.
answered 05-04-2022 07:48:33 -0400

Denodo server goes in hung state, what type of query I can schedule at regular intervals to check if it's responding or not.

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How to get direct view dependencies ?
answered 05-04-2022 07:26:27 -0400

Hi We are currently using the denodo stored procedure viewdependencies() to obtain the dependencies of a view. However, our requirement is to obtain the list of views from database A, having direct dependencies in database B. By "Direct" dependencies...

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Denodo stored procedure

Denodo Job to Fail
answered 05-04-2022 00:31:29 -0400

Is there a way to configure a Denodo Job to fail or send an email if the number of records in the source location is zero. We tried the "Number of exported documents is less than" field, but that seems to be when the Job is exporting records to a file....

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AWS S3 Data Source Connection
answered 04-04-2022 08:59:31 -0400

Can you please helps us around the given set of questions aligned to AWS S3 data source connections How to use generic wildcards/regex for S3 file patterns while creating base views? Do we use a single core-site.xml for different S3 aligned data...

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CVE-2022-22965 - Zero-Day Vulnerability in Spring Framework
answered 04-04-2022 06:41:31 -0400

Hi Denodo, Would like to check if Denodo 8.0 is affected by CVE-2022-22965.

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Recursive Logic
answered 01-04-2022 08:53:41 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, How to get previous row Total balance and show it in the next row . I am using a calculation to get my Total balance and that Total balance should be shown in the next row as previous balance. I tried to use LAG on the outer select ...

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Kerberos Single Sign-On with System Ticket Cache Not Working
answered 01-04-2022 08:10:33 -0400

Hello, I am facing some issues with the Kerberos authentication. I'm able to connect to our Denodo server using both the user/password and keytab approaches, but somehow the Use Single Sign-On with system ticket cache option returns Error authenticati...

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Vulnerability Log4j
answered 01-04-2022 07:46:38 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, We have applied the upgrade for Denodo 8 to mitigate the Vulnerability in Log4j but we noticed that some files still like log4j-1.2-api.jar (DenodoPlatformj8.0>lib>contrib) this kind of files are consider by our Security Team lik...

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