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unable to connect local instance of denodo to azure analysis service
answered 09-02-2022 06:35:33 -0500

i have an azure account and i am trying to connect azure analysis service to denodo. it gives me a strange error: Unable to connect to the multidimensional server: unknown protocol: asazure I am able to connect my local SSMS and power bi to the azure ...

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Problems in converting oracle math operation and the concatenation operator
answered 09-02-2022 04:57:35 -0500

Hi support team, I'm having trouble putting this query into my view WHERE CONDITIONS, there is an AND Operators in front of the line This is my original query from oracle ... AND datedata+(8/24)>=todate(tochar((sysdate+16/24)-1,'YYYY-MM-DD')|| '00...

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Date Conversion concatenate Oracle

Error in CASE Clause end as {name} in field expression
answered 08-02-2022 06:22:45 -0500

Dear support team, I have a problem in putting a specific column name in my case clause, below is the line I'm running in the field expression. When i set it to end as priority it shows that "Could't repair and continue parse" but when i set the it as...

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CASE Clause

Access to Oracle Redo Log files
answered 08-02-2022 06:01:04 -0500

Is it possible to access and read Oracle redo log files and Oracle archived redo log files from Denodo 8? Access can be done through Oracle LogMiner via the 'V$Logmnr_contents' view and then SQL, but I want to access the view directly via Denodo 8.

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Redo log

Unable to find closed cases
answered 08-02-2022 05:17:50 -0500

Hi , i am unable to search case where i was added as contributer. is it because this is closed? if yes, how can i search those cases

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Error saving view: Syntax Error: Exception parsing query near '*'
answered 08-02-2022 04:04:27 -0500

Hello, I am working through the lab LAB Create an Aggregation View (DEN80EDU12D08LAB01). When I get to step 5 Specify a where condition to filter the data using those parameters: to_localdate('yyyy-MM-dd''T''HH:mm:ss', bv_sales_all.saledate) between s...

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Syntax error

Denodo service timeout issue or slow response.
answered 08-02-2022 02:32:03 -0500

Can we compress a large content coming out as a response. Because we are facing timeout issue. Would request you to provide some assistance.

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#salesforce #performance #optimization #timeoutissue

JSON Data source optional parameter for GET request
answered 08-02-2022 02:27:23 -0500

How do we have an optional paramter defined for JSON datasource GET URL? like for mandatory paramter we can add @{paramter} part of URL.

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ODBC with OAuth2
answered 08-02-2022 01:48:34 -0500

Hi, We want to configure an ODBC with OAuth2 on Windows, with an OAuth Server which exposes the grant type Authorization Code. In the ODBC configuration > Advanced Options > Page 3 > OAuth 2.0 settings > Extra parameters, we set : grant_...

Answers: 1

Denodo 8 ODBC oauth2

Is it possible to track when a view was dropped?? or by who?
answered 07-02-2022 08:01:37 -0500

Hi Denodo team, Is it possible to track when a view was dropped?? or by who? I know we can see when was created or modified and by who but for drop objects?? is there a log or something for that? Also when a promotion is deployed in other environments...

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