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Automation of Metadata

Hi Is there a script that automates the reading of metadata into denodo VDP and not the catalog since all the data sources are from excel? Like the data type and the field description without having to copy and paste from the excel metadata file?

Denodo VCS configuration with different repos (Git, MS TFS, subversion) for different database.

I have 3 databases in VDP. In VCS, I want database 1 to be configured/managed by GIT, databse 2 to be configured in Microsoft TFS and database 3 to be configured in Subversion. Is this possible in Denodo ? if so, Please share document or link for it.


Accessing From Variable Data Route option in Web design studio not working as expected

Denodo Platform 8.0 In Virtual data studio, when accessing a file via Variable Data route we are able to load the file by pointing to the file location whereas in web design studio we don't have that option rather it is expecting to copy and paste the...

Accessing the local path via Web Design Studio

Is there any way where we can point to our system local path when using the option "LOCAL" for Data Route. Else is there any way where we would be able to access the web design's local path from our system atleast to place a file or something like that

Impersonate a Role in Denodo

Hi, Being an Admin on a Denodo server ,is there a way I can impersonate a certain role and verify if that Role has all the intended access or not ? thank you !


Hi, Can anyone please help me in connecting ADLS with denodo? Is this requires some driver installation or directly as a HDBC connection?

HAProxy Load balancer error

root@denodo-01-sm:/etc/haproxy# sudo systemctl restart haproxy root@denodo-01-sm:/etc/haproxy# systemctl status haproxy ● haproxy.service - HAProxy Load Balancer Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/haproxy.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Acti...

Rollback Job Scheduler

Hi Team, Assume we have some 5 jobs and all have been set to job dependency of each other. Job 1,2,3,4 are dependency of Job 5. In Job 1 and Job 2 , I do exporting the data to JDBC (SQL server table) . Job 3 is just the extraction and Job 4 is again e...

Denodo scheduler dependencies

Hi, We are facing the below problem in setting the dependencies in denodo scheduler. Sequence of job - 1.filecheck job - say JOB1 2.JOB2 3.JOB3 4.JOB4 5.Backup job - say JOB 5 Scenario 1: JOB 1 - dont have any dependencies and it should execute at trig...

Cache job status related

Hi Team, We are doing full cache on final view,which is created using 5 views with join and union but it is getting successfull even after one of the dependend view having connectivity issue.