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DataSource types

Hi, Suppose I have 100's of databases and within the databases I have 1000's of datasources. Now I want to find the datasource types what all I have in all my databases at once orin each database individually. Is there any procedure created or any way...

Case Clause on Max Date

I am building a query for the where part of a dervied view to only return data with a load date -1. If load day falls on a Monday, to obtain previous date ignoring weekends, I use the getdayofweek function. bond_pricing_ytm.load_date = (SELECT addday...

Getting Error on Solution manager URL "Solution manager not started correctly"

is there a sequence we need to start Solution manager ? why am i getting this error.

Disable "Execute and Download"

Can I disable the "Execute and Download" feature in Design Studio?

Job misfire in denodo schedular

What happens excatly after the job gets misfired other than sending the alert? Does the job runs after misfire too or it will run in the next scheduled time? if this is the case then is there any other option to retry the job for misfire too for the sa...

Select all columns from one table and add another column based on matching value from another table

I am trying to join two tables to pull a value e.g. table 1 column a column b column c table 2 column a column d So, I want to pull all columns from table 1 and then, where column a appears in table 2, I want to pull column d How can I implement ...

LDAP with certificates

How should I use LDAP with imported certificate? It respects the order that I am currently putting? Can I import root and A3,B3 and C3 certificates with the same vairable? Thanks in advance Cordially,

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Error while running selection view after adding view parameter

Hi, I am trying to create a selection view on derived view with view parameter(Paymentmode) added. The parameter type as text with a default value as 'Internet'. The view created successfully by while execting its throwing error as "Received exception ...

distinct in rest api

Hi Team, How to add 'distinct' in denodo restful HTML url? Thanks.

Using VQL to DROP or DELETE a derived view

Is there a way to DELETE or DROP a derived view using VQL? I would like to programatically do this in python but there doesn't seem to be a VQL command (that I can find) that would allow me to have a list of views to run through and delete. Thanks!