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On-prem Denodo connecting to AWS
answered 12-05-2021 07:52:14 -0400

Access Key ID: The access Key ID using s3a. This parameter sets the fs.s3a.access.key parameter. Secret Access Key: The Secret Access Key using s3a. This parameter sets the fs.s3a.secret.key parameter. IAM Role to Assume: The Amazon S3 IAM Role to Assu...

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Related to: https://community.denodo.com/kb/en/view/document/How to integrate Amazon S3 with Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper


Number formatting - equivalent to to_char?
answered 12-05-2021 05:12:49 -0400

I need to format a number as 9,999.00 (ex: 2,324.22). In Oracle I would use the to_char function. Do you have any built-in functions that would do anything similar?

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VDp mask

Data Catalog partial/selected synchronization
answered 11-05-2021 21:44:19 -0400

We are using the current Denodo 8 update release - Data Catalog version 8. Is there a way to sync only selected VDP virtual schemas or Denodo databases? For example, it would seem there would be no need to expose the 'admin', 'itpilot', etc. to the D...

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Data Catalog sync to VDP

Denodo 8 Migfration - Third party driver issue
answered 11-05-2021 18:01:04 -0400

Hi Team, We have started migration from Denodo 7 to Denodo 8. Export and import of metadata is completed. We are in process of testing the northbound connection. There is a data source which basically will connect to hive and the database adapter whic...

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#Hivedriver #migration #ThirdPArtyDriver

About Scheduler Administration Tool
answered 11-05-2021 13:20:23 -0400

two questions about denodo Scheduler tool: does denodo Schedule tool can call shell script job or python script job Does only the administrator of VDP has the access/write right for tool Scheduler Administration?

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Denodo Scheduler 7.0

Connect Denodo to Azure-DataBrick with Simba driver
answered 11-05-2021 08:25:38 -0400

Hi, I am trying to connect Azure Databricks through Simba driver, but getting error due to autherntication or something else. Steps: I downloaded it from website (https://databricks.com/spark/jdbc-drivers-download) and put it in Denodo ( DenodoPlatfor...

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simba databrick deltalake

asynchronously integration with denodo
answered 10-05-2021 06:39:43 -0400

Can I integrate with denodo asynchronously, submit a query to denodo and then get results later by an id returned with the query is submitted? Query will be submitted from AWS Lambda function in java Also, the query written must be VQL and not SQL ? ho...

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Denodo 7: Capture Logon Information for Failed Logins
answered 07-05-2021 16:12:23 -0400

How do we capture additional logon information when a connection fails? In our VDP logs we see messages, like the one below. Our challenge is that we do not know how to correlate this with a user account. 8222466 [RMI TCP Connection(5403)-] E...

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Logging Denodo 7 Failed Logins

Access to Excel files on S3
answered 06-05-2021 21:34:01 -0400

Good day. According to yours documentation (https://community.denodo.com/kb/view/document/How%20to%20integrate%20Amazon%20S3%20with%20the%20Denodo%20Platform) for obtaining Excel (xlsx) file from S3 data storage, it have to be used "S3 REST API" aproac...

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CONTECT('cache'= 'off') is not fetching data from sources
answered 06-05-2021 18:15:10 -0400

Hi Team, I'm using Denodo 7.0. I have a derived view dv_join which has several intermediate views. Full cache mode is enabled for this view and Oracle is the cache DB. Loading the cache for this view is taking around 1 hour to complete. I want to s...

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cache context