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How to avoid array data conversion into text format while creating base view?
answered 12-11-2021 07:47:31 -0500

I have created a data source connection with another denodo data base. That data base has view in which data are present in array form. On creating a base view from that view, the array data get converted into text form automatically. Could you tell me...

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Base view ARRAY Create Base View

How to sync user queries in denodo data catalog servers?
answered 12-11-2021 00:48:26 -0500

Hi Team, I have a requiredment to automate the process of export and import user queries between 4 production servers through shell script. Is there any export and import commands available only to export the user queries from one server and to import...

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#userqueries #Datacatalog

how to connect denodo
answered 11-11-2021 22:53:19 -0500

i have downloaded ova file for denodo training quickstart virtual machine i import ova file vmware workstation and started vm which is succesfully started but now its required ip address so kindly guide me which i have to enter in it. thanks

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vmware connect

how to monitor denodo by prometheus?
answered 11-11-2021 08:00:35 -0500

We now uniformly use Prometheus as a monitoring tool. How can denodo's information be connected to Prometheus? Currently only this is still pending, please help as soon as possible, thank you

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answered 11-11-2021 07:38:38 -0500

Hi, I'm working on the output from COLUMN_DEPENDENCIES () for a given report view but Im having trouble following the lineage for a given column as we have used column aliases to make the column label more useful to an end user. So for example: column...

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Getting "com.denodo.vdb.engine.customwrapper.CustomWrapperException" error while executing select query on view created from sharepoint
answered 11-11-2021 07:36:15 -0500

Hi, We have created a sharepoint connection in design studio. we are able to create view from that connection but when we execute the select query we get "com.denodo.vdb.engine.customwrapper.CustomWrapperException" exception. when we looked at the log...

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Custom Data Sources SharePoint

Migrate from Denodo 7.0 to Denodo 8.0 - Servers
answered 11-11-2021 05:02:24 -0500

Hi community,For an installation of DENODO 7.0 with 1 server for PreProduction and 2 Production servers (all with different IPs, non localhost), in terms of migration to Denodo 8.0, would it be necessary to have different machines to install the new se...

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Getting the stats in a VDP Server
answered 10-11-2021 17:31:48 -0500

is there a VQL which i can use to get how many number of databases,folders,views or other like how many Cpu's are there in vdp server?

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answered 10-11-2021 16:26:55 -0500

Hi, I would like to run the COLUMN_DEPENDENCIES procedure across all views in a given database to identify columns that have an expression associated to the column. In pseudo code this would look like: select view_name, column_name, expression from C...

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JSON Datasource Tuple Root Rows
answered 10-11-2021 15:14:19 -0500

Hello, I'm trying to create a JSONDatasource from this sample: [ { "Header": { "publishedDateTime": "20211110150141", "messageId": null, "messageType": null, }, "Investment": { ...

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JSON Data Source