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Automate Statistics
answered 01-03-2021 04:27:29 -0500

In Denodo 8.0, what is the best way to automate the gathering of view stats and keep them updated for a large number of views (over 1000)?

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Error while retrieving data from element_metadata() procedure
answered 28-02-2021 23:58:09 -0500

Need to extract data from element_metadata() procedure. I'm getting below error while executing this procedure. __P__S_NULL_79531090828947838643116096234859310357981553095826998064586988454878675543788_2743334557 [PROJECTION] [ERROR] ELEMENT_METADAT...

Answers: 2

Metadata element_metadata

Cannot connect to Denodo Express server running at port 9999 using NPGSQL driver version
answered 28-02-2021 12:30:37 -0500

I am trying to connect to Denodo express server running on localhost on port 9999 using NPGSQL version The exception is : "Exception while reading from stream" The exception stack is shown below. at Npgsql.NpgsqlReadBuffer.<<Ensure>g...

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Import descriptions - Database adapter DENODO virtual dataport 7.0
answered 26-02-2021 07:09:55 -0500

Hi, When i create a data source from other vdb using database adapter DENODO virtual dataport 7.0 with driver denodo com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver how i import descriptions from views? Thanks

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Resource Manager - Limit per user
answered 26-02-2021 05:59:00 -0500

I did this configuration in my resource manger and didn't worked. for exemple, I intent to have maximum 5 queries per user and not maximum 5 queries running in the server. what's happening for my is: user 1: running 2 queries user 2: running 2 quer...

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resource Manager

Create VQL that will generate a list of all views and fields and descriptons
answered 26-02-2021 04:03:57 -0500

Is there a simple way to write a VQL script that not only shows all of the views -- i.e. LIST VIEWS on [database] but also would show the view and the columns, and field type from that view... (as well as description if possible). We are trying to g...

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VQL list

Analytic Functions (Window Functions) using denodo 8.0 Error executing view: Function row_number is not executable Any possible ways to use Analytic Functions in denodo
answered 26-02-2021 02:19:45 -0500

Analytic Functions (Window Functions) using denodo 8.0 i have added functions into datasource (oracle19c) using source_configuration still getting below error Error executing view: Function row_number is not executable Any possible ways to use Analyt...

Answers: 3

Analytic Functions (Window Functions)

Resource Manager - Limit by user
answered 25-02-2021 08:59:59 -0500

How can I implement a rule with Resource Manager in order to limit the concurrent queries by user. I believe 5 query by user is ok. Thanks.

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Can the Built-In XSLT Transformations capabilities be used to generate highly formatted, dynamic query, PDF documents?
answered 25-02-2021 07:27:11 -0500

We need to generate formatted documents from data in our SQL database including images. A parameterized query is used to access the data set for each document to be created. Can the Denodo built-in XSLT transformations capabilities be sued for this pur...

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Order of records getting changed
answered 25-02-2021 05:01:54 -0500

Hi Team, I have teradata storedprocedures which has update statment when i execute the restAPI by updating a record then the order of rows are getting changed example: before updation: ROW1 ROW2 ROW3 ROW4 After updation: ROW3 ROW1 ROW4 ROW2 etc like a...

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