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Can Case be used with Join conditions.
answered 15-03-2022 08:56:50 -0400

I am using a code where after using the left outer join i need to add case statement, but I am gettig error while using it. For example:- SELECT * FROM sys.indexes i JOIN sys.partitions p ON i.index_id = p.index_id JOIN sys.allocation_units a ON CASE W...

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Connect to embedded Denodo database (Apache Derby) using REST API (required metadata view_custom_property.json, localviews.json).
answered 15-03-2022 08:29:04 -0400

Hello all, I would like to connect to the "live data" of the files view_custom_property.json and localviews.json. And afterwards I would like to create these as a base view. Unfortunately I can't find the right schema to access it via REST API: ...

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#Export_metadata JSON Denodo Rest API

How to connect ADLSv2 container with Denodo docker container running on a Azure VM.
answered 15-03-2022 08:11:54 -0400

How to connect ADLSv2 container with Denodo docker container running on a Azure VM.

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Docker DENODO Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

JDBC jar file import error
answered 14-03-2022 10:37:21 -0400

HI there I am trying to import the jdbc jar file in denodo but after the import is completed i am getting errors .![https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tii-FIxulTdxkmAKSNm3WBCeRzILngyC/view?usp=sharing]. I have attached a screenshot of the error. kindly d...

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REST API - Expression in group by resulting Error
answered 14-03-2022 09:13:08 -0400

Hello team, I am working on REST API and forming my query dynamically. Query is forming correctly but I am facing error while it tries to evaluate expression present in GroupBy clause. It say such column does not exists. Below is the sample query and ...

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Get error when Joining 2 files
answered 14-03-2022 09:10:46 -0400

When I try to join the 2 files below, I get the below error. SQL Error [50001] [HY000]: Error executing query. Total time 1.632 seconds. QUERY [PROJECTION] [ERROR] QUERY [SELECTION] [ERROR] QUERY [PROJECTION] [ERROR] QUERY [PROJECTION] [ERROR] QUERY ...

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How to use variables
answered 14-03-2022 09:05:59 -0400

I have a base view created using JDBC (data source sql) which has billions of rows and has the columns product_id, product_name, country and price. Also I'm having another DF file which has only 1 row and the columns are country and exchange rate. I h...

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answered 14-03-2022 07:31:58 -0400

for lab, i am trying to find The delimited files can be found at "http://data-server/files/df/" (replace data-server with the real name or IP address of your server if the host file has not been configured). i am replacing it by

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How to resolve AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED 403 error??
answered 14-03-2022 05:05:57 -0400

Hi there, I am trying to open the support.denodo.com webiste to download denodo solution manager but i am unble to do so. I am getting " error 403. AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED User does not have any valid licenses for this service". How to resolve this issue?

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Connecting to Denodo via PyCharm
answered 14-03-2022 03:25:55 -0400

Hi there, Is there a way to add Denodo as a data source in PyCharm? The website has this information: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/managing-data-sources.html#show-comments-for-data-sources-and-database-objects But Denodo isn't listed as a ...

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