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mtd and last week
answered 01-12-2021 04:21:58 -0500

Hi Team, I am trying to find the logic for mtd and last week in a field expression but the logic does not comes in denodo as in spotfire we ahve. Could you please help in this. lastweek: (Week(Date([Date]))=Week(dateadd("week",-1,Date(DateTimeNow()))...

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Express License and ODBC sources
answered 30-11-2021 05:58:30 -0500

I want to demonstrate Denodo to my colleagues. Therefore I downloaded and installed Denodo Express. However, when I try to create a new source from SQL Server or from MySQL, I get the error message that this is not allowed by the license. What am I doi...

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Data Masking: Replace NULL
answered 26-11-2021 05:38:05 -0500

Hi , If we mark a field as sensitive, user can view the value as NULL. Can we replace the field value from NULL to a set of characters. For e.g: Id=98201 (Unmasked) Id=9 * 1 (Masked) Thanks

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Data Mask mask

answered 25-11-2021 08:10:05 -0500

Hey Team, We have SOAP webservices deployed from a long time and services deployed in 2021 as well. WHen user is trying to invoke the webservice it returns-> AXIS Engine error: couldnt find a target service to invoke. No service. When I access the ...

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SOAP Web Service WSDL

Cube data present in excel
answered 25-11-2021 02:18:59 -0500

Hi , i have aan excel as a source file which would be uaed in Denodo.The data is a cube. please help to find a way out to load the data in Denodo through this file. Thanks & regards, sajeda

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Export Denodo View
answered 25-11-2021 01:27:13 -0500

Are there any APIs with which I can export data out of the views into a sql table or a csv file? Also wondering if this can be done in a schedule.

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Data getting removed from Materialized Table
answered 24-11-2021 07:43:20 -0500

Version 7.0.20190903 Oracle 12c as Cache DB. Hi We are using Materialized Table to store some project specific configurations. We are observing erratic behaviour- Materialized Table is getting truncated after 15-20 days. We understand that Cache Clea...

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Materialized Table

Unable to establish connection: Invalid Oracle URL specified
answered 24-11-2021 06:35:49 -0500

I am trying to establish a JDBC connection but i am getting errors saying Invalid Oracle URL. Could anyone help me to understand how I can make the JDBC connection! Name: ds_web_orders3 Database adapter: Oracle 11g Database URL: jdbc:oracle:@ip addres...

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VDP adapter is not allowed by the license.
answered 23-11-2021 23:27:25 -0500

Hi, We have recently set up Denodo 8.0 Standard using the AWS AMI: Denodo 8.0 Standard (30 day free trial) and we are trying to set up a connection to a similar Denodo 8.0 instance on Azure. When trying to set up a new data source, we can test the co...

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Denodo Evaluation License License DENODO EVALUATION LICENSE

Invalid Identifier(too long) Error
answered 23-11-2021 05:03:30 -0500

Hi team, We are unble to create the base view with length maximun to some Extend. We tried to run the below script , but we are getting the same error set 'com.denodo.vdb.catalog.Catalog.identifiersMaxLength' = '110' Syntax error: invalid identifier:...

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names baseview DENODO Baseview