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How can I select random rows from a table (without replacement) with VQL?

For example, how do I select 10 random rows from a table, foo? I would expect this to work select *, rand() as rank from foo order by rank limit 10 but rand() generates a single random value which it then maps to every record in foo. So, this query ...


How to restrict results returned in PowerBI using a parameter?

we have a table in denodo with a time dimension, can we restrict the number of results using a parameter in PowerBI?

Is it possible to CUD (Insert/Update/Delete) in denodo query editor ?

Hi, there I want you to let me know this question. Is it possible to CUD (Insert/Update/Delete) in denodo query editor ? especially impala. I've tested this in denodo express. insert ok update, delete now allowed how about denodo platform v...

How to implement bitwise operator '&' ?

How do you implement the following sql in vql? select 14 & power(2,2)

Performance of a view based on a MongoDB data source

Hello dear Denodo team, I have a question regarding the performance of a view based on a MongoDB data source. The base view in question has about 2.6 million records and 256 columns. Running the query Select max(date) from ... on Base View level re...

Metric Calculations

Would the desired metrics for our dashboard be caclculated in Denodo or would they be caclculated by Tableau? Where would it be most efficient, and what topic in the knowledge base would I look for to read about this?

Storing Denodo Monitor logs in an external Database

I have followed this video and try to configure our Denodo Monitor to store the information generated by the queries monitor and/or the cache monitor in a MS SQL SERVER database. I get following er...

Alis names in VQL

Hi Team, How can we give alias name with spaces to view columns For example I would like to call Source_date as [Source Created Date - Study]

Scheduler Admin Back end table Details

Hi Team, Wanted to check if the Scheduler Admin maintains all the field attributes/Metadata in any back end DB, or any other location where it maintains the metadata of the Code. The idea is to query that particular table which contains this Schedule...

Getting folders and subfolders using VQL

Hi all, Is it possible to execute a VQL query to get all folders with their full paths? For example, if I have a folder called 1. Base Views and in that folder I have a folder called Archive is it possible to query and get: Base Views Base Views...