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ODBC 3.5 driver Installed but not showing up in RPD while adding data source
answered 03-03-2022 07:24:38 -0500

ODBC 3.5 driver is Installed and was able to connect to power bi but the same DSN is not showing up in RPD while adding data source.

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answered 03-03-2022 07:08:19 -0500

for adding ODBC driver is it mandatory to add system DSN istead of user DSN

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Denodo OBIEE ODBC Connectivity

Fetch or top statement
answered 02-03-2022 23:38:17 -0500

Hi, i wanted to use the top(10) statememt but it's not supported by denodo? So i tried the fetch statemement. I want to use this within a View but it's not supported it seems. How can i make a view return only the top 1 row of my dataset? Thanks.

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how to change localhost to hostname or IP on webservices
answered 02-03-2022 07:59:03 -0500

We have denodo 8.0 on windows environment. When we deploy the webservices, it points to localhost. I could see the option available for changing from localhost to hostname or IP under control center -> Configure - > JVM Options -> RMIhost ht...

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REST Webservice

Error when trying access to Oracle Autonomous Database with Wallet
answered 02-03-2022 07:58:01 -0500

Hello, I tried to follow guide lines in this article to make a connection to an Oracle Database with wallet https://community.denodo.com/kb/en/view/document/Accessing%20Oracle%20Autonomous%20Database%20from%20Denodo Test connection receives this error...

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wallet tls1.2 Oracle

answered 02-03-2022 07:51:31 -0500

I am getting above error while trying to run a VDPIndexer job dataSource 'Scheduler-Index'. Connection refused to host: <hostname>; nested exception is: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out (Connection timed out) Connect to I...

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answered 02-03-2022 07:28:21 -0500

Hello Team, We have a confusion beetwen two concepts , activation of SSL and enabling the HTTPS only on the webcontainer . Would you please give us a little clarification about this two. Thank you in advance. Regards,

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Error in select view conditions
answered 02-03-2022 07:08:33 -0500

Hi, I am getting an error for a view : Error in select view conditions, function substringof not created. I am not able to find the view name from this error. How can I find it?

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Scheduling Remote tables
answered 02-03-2022 06:06:20 -0500

Hi Team, I am working as a Data engineer and doing the Data Mesh Layer development. I am trying to create a Remote table to optimize the perfomance of the view created. I am not able to create it from Denodo Design Studio as not allowing to add a nam...

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Unable to connect to MariaDB server
answered 01-03-2022 07:11:27 -0500

Hello, I'm trying to connect to our MariaDB database in Denodo 7.0. As the MariaDB driver is not installed in our Denodo server, I tested using the MySQL5 Database adapter as a substitute, as suggested here: https://community.denodo.com/answers/quest...

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Denodo 7.0 MariaDB