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LEFT JOIN losing rows
answered 08-10-2021 06:03:54 -0400

Hello, I am trying to join some tables, all with LEFT JOIN, but when I try, the numbers of rows in the results is less than the table in FROM statament. The strange thing is that if I change the order of the joins the number of the results rows change....

Answers: 2

Design studio default VIRTUAL DATAPORT SERVER
answered 08-10-2021 05:24:04 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, When I load design studio, by default the VIRTUAL DATAPORT SERVER field is populated with //localhost:9999/ value. How can I override this value with my preferred value or list of values as drop down? This is to make the DIY team's lif...

Answers: 3

Denodo Design Studio default value

VCS Management is disabled
answered 08-10-2021 02:24:48 -0400

Hi team, we are trying to configure git in denodo 8,but VCS Management is disabled in the Administration tab.Please suggest us how to enable it. Thank you

Answers: 1

VCS Version Control

About Access to view vql of derived views
answered 07-10-2021 19:45:17 -0400

Some one of my team wants to exexcute one derived views that I created, and he also wants to have the read access of that derived views's vql. I grant "metedata", "execute" access of this derived view to him, I think it is the read access we mentione...

Answers: 3

access to view vql derived views

Failing to connect
answered 07-10-2021 09:17:04 -0400

Failing to connect (via the browser on port 9090 and 9999 respectively, web design studio or virtual data port ) to the denodo VM. its a sentos7 denodo pre backed instance I have installed denodo on it and have started denodo and from the admin tool I ...

Answers: 3

Denodo VM

Denodo and POST to API
answered 07-10-2021 05:47:25 -0400

If I have a view in Denodo that is being frequently updated with new rows, is it possible to have Denodo POST the contents of the newest rows when they are added to the view to a 3rd party endpoint that is listening for the new data?

Answers: 1

answered 06-10-2021 08:51:55 -0400

Hi, I am trying to convert a timestamp field which is in the format (2021-08-25 12:53:29.13) to milli seconds by using the function gettimeinmillis(timestamp). Why is it not working? When I try it using dual for example : SELECT gettimeinmillis(now())...

Answers: 5


Issue post installing Denodo Express
answered 06-10-2021 01:48:53 -0400

Hi Team, I am not able to create any folder/VDB after successfully installing Denodo Express in one of the WIndows Machine with the default login/password: admin/admin. I took help of the IT team while installing it in the machine as advised during i...

Answers: 4

#Metadata Loading Metadata

End of life for denodo platform 7, 6
answered 05-10-2021 23:26:07 -0400

what is the end of life / end of support for the older version of denodo platform.. (e.g.- denodo platform 7, 6, older)

Answers: 1

Denodo vdp jdbcdriver
answered 05-10-2021 08:28:24 -0400

We have a requirement to do a security scan on denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver to make sure there are no security vulnerabilities. Do we have the source code for these drivers? Or is there any alternate available?

Answers: 1

Denodo vdp jdbc driver