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Design studio not working 8.0 - web container restart required
answered 31-03-2021 08:56:38 -0400

Hi Team, Design studio stops working with error. Web container restart required. com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.common.connection.ProxyVDBConnectionUtil [] - Error instantiating a VDBPoolableConnection instancejava.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException...

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design studio

Override - Denodo Platform installs under a single folder (DENODO_HOME) and writes data in the same folder hierarchy
answered 31-03-2021 08:34:41 -0400

The Denodo Platform installs under a single folder (DENODO_HOME) and writes data in the same folder hierarchy so to avoid issues with permissions Is there a means to override this behavor? Modifying DENODO_HOME is causing issues for semi-managed...

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Data Same Hierarchy hierarchy Install Denodo Install Single Folder Write Data Same Hierarchy Single Folder

Denodo-Kafka wrapper - JSON Schema
answered 31-03-2021 08:31:23 -0400

Hi Team, While I was going through Denodo-kafka custom wrapper I can see that while giving JSON message format it is throwing an error if I am not selecting any Schema path, it does not seem to be mandatory field as there no asterisk sign on it. Den...

Answers: 3

kafka connector kafka

Denodo data catalog synchronization using curl command
answered 31-03-2021 08:29:43 -0400

Hi Team, We are trying to write a shell script to automate the denodo data catalog syncronization using the curl command. But when am try to execute the curl command, i am getting HTTP status code 403 and message as null in the response. What could be...

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#curl #Datacatalog

Merge search parameters for derived view to other 3 underlying views
answered 30-03-2021 08:46:37 -0400

Hello, I have following tree view: View / | \ View1 View2 View 3 | | | BV BV BV | | | DS DS DS The DS is a Web Service Datasource...

Answers: 1

VQL Denodo 7.0 search methods join Derived views

Changing parameter
answered 30-03-2021 08:40:58 -0400

Hi there, I have made one comparision parameter in a join view, like input '=' or 'in' localdate(2201/02/03) but if I want to add between range here, then what changes I have to do and how it works. I am trying to chnage it but it won't work.

Answers: 4

change parameter

PGP Encryption Custom Input Filter
answered 30-03-2021 06:33:56 -0400

We have a need to retrieve a PGP Encrypted file using the SFTP Delimited File connector. It appears that the only way to handle it (without having a preprocessor pull and decrypt) is to build a custom input filter. Has anyone already built this type of...

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encrypt PGP Custom Input Filter

Saving the VQL from Denodo Model Bridge?
answered 29-03-2021 09:33:31 -0400

Is there a way to save the VQL generated from the DMB into an external file?

Answers: 2

Denodo Model Bridge

python cur.execute result is not the same as the query result from VDP
answered 29-03-2021 08:20:44 -0400

Hi team, I used jdbc connect VDP on linux server, I am execute below query in my python script: select * from view_a limit 3; Its result is below: [('2021-03-27', '1970-01-19 10:39:21.600000', '', 'EF\x01\x01', None, None, None, None, None, None, None,...

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python VDP cur.result not correct

Connect to Denodo from Lambda
answered 29-03-2021 06:44:00 -0400

Hello, I need to get the view and its information in one of the Lambda function built on AWS Lambda. I tried the below link but it says about the ODBC and JDBC connections but since the Lambda is serverless, can we have a connection to Denodo from Lam...

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