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Is the "denodo-v70-emergencyfix-20211215 for Denodo 7" to be used to update the VDP Admin Tool ?
answered 16-12-2021 11:26:21 -0500

Should the emergency fix "denodo-v70-emergencyfix-20211215 for Denodo 7" be used to update the VDP Admin client that is on machines that only have the VDP Admin Tool installed and no server or web service components ?

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If denodo has a Zero Replication, What will happen when a server or virtual box/VM Ware is down for some unforeseen conditions?
answered 16-12-2021 09:44:06 -0500

If denodo has a Zero Replication criteria? What will happen when a server is down for some unforeseen conditions? Scenario: If a customer wants to do a Data Visualization and needs to access the data and he/she is unable to access it. As his/her compan...

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Introspection query does not work in MongoDB
answered 16-12-2021 08:35:32 -0500

Hi All, We have Denodo 8 on Windows Server. We installed mongodb-customwrapper according to document. (https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/document/denodoconnects/6.0/Denodo%20MongoDB%20Custom%20Wrapper%20-%20User%20Manual) No problem connecting o...

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mongo introspection query mongodb

Finding a folder in GET_VIEWS() with a partial name
answered 16-12-2021 08:04:05 -0500

Hi all, How do I find a view in a folder based on a partial name of the folder? For example: SELECT name FROM GET_VIEWS WHERE input_database_name = 'database' AND folder='/%derived%' Some of my databases have views stored in say: Derived Views ...

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SSH Custom wrapper
answered 16-12-2021 07:00:04 -0500

Hello, How do I create custom ssh data source? I want execute a script as a baseview. https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/document/denodoconnects/8.0/en/Denodo%20SSH%20Custom%20Wrapper%20-%20User%20Manual In above community site link, does not ta...

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ssh custom wrapper SSH cutom wrapper

Cache tables storing multiple cache records
answered 15-12-2021 07:12:38 -0500

Refers to Denodo 7. One of my cache tables stores multiple caches, although it is set up to invalidate all rows. Only when calling 'clean_cache_database' the invalid rows are being removed and the table gets cleared. Other very similar cache tables nev...

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Follow-up Dataiku Denodo Connection Question
answered 15-12-2021 02:09:48 -0500

I have a follow up question regarding the responseI received below: In order to access Denodo from Dataiku, I will follow the below steps: As a first step, I will copy the Denodo JDBC driver denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar residing in the folder <DENODO...

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Dataiku Connection to Denodo
answered 14-12-2021 06:30:53 -0500

A business user wants to use Denodo as a data source for Dataiku. How do I set up a connection to allow Dataiku to access Denodo?

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About Log4J zero-day vulnerability
answered 13-12-2021 16:55:10 -0500

Greetings here. I've been trying to find whether or not Denodo is affected by CVE-2021-44228 https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2021-44228 but i could not find anything. Can anybody here please confirm if that's the case, if you are looking into it ...

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denodo security

How to pass the API key to this API
answered 13-12-2021 12:36:00 -0500

Hi, I am working on pulling the data from followign API and i need help in how to pass in the API key in the URL? URL https://mymarketnews.ams.usda.gov/mymarketnews-api/authentication I am using this URL in the JSON data source and aslo using the API...

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