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curl an update file from Denodo Support.
answered 03-02-2022 06:29:35 -0500

Is there a way to download a file directly from support using something like curl in linux in order to get new docker files and updates? I tried but it needed credentials. Thanks

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Support for KDB database
answered 02-02-2022 08:02:19 -0500

Does Denodo product suppport integration with KDB database? We have some data residing in KDB database and we will like to host Denodo in front of it to intergrate with other data sources.

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Northbound connections to Denodo
answered 02-02-2022 00:25:25 -0500

I want to understand more around Northbound connections with the data access/push from Denodo to SaaS applications (Salesforce EBiS CRM, MS Dynamics 365, Absorb LMS): So, when we say we can have the northbound connections via JDBC, ODBC, Restful, ODat...

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Unable to login in Denodo Data Catalog
answered 01-02-2022 20:38:04 -0500

Hi Team, I am unable to login into Denodo Data Catalog after updated the server URL in server et up section of catalog only with host name without any database name. Ideally the server URL should be //localhost:9999/admin but I have updated the URL as ...

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Denodo data catalog Denodo Data Catalog. Version 7.0

Denodo cache got invalidated while having changes at the source level
answered 01-02-2022 06:48:37 -0500

Hi Support, I have noticed that, whenever I have any of the column/data type changes at source level of any of my developed(cached) views, My cached views got automatically invalidated? so the Question is, Is there any way to keep the cache db as it ...

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cache oracle

Denodo Connectivity issue
answered 01-02-2022 01:34:27 -0500

Today, i have installed Denodo 8.0 Express version, and when I open the Denodo Platform Control Center it says the Virtual DataPort Server is not available due to license restrictions. When i am trying to connect admin virtualdataport administratorat...

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API run time parameter
answered 31-01-2022 23:06:12 -0500

Hi Team, I have a REST JSON API with a $select clause for 1 field, which will display results in a particular drop down field in user side portal - JIRA. (the view has multiple fields) Now, based on the selection on one of the values, from above API,...

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Denodo Career
answered 31-01-2022 12:06:34 -0500

Hi all I want to join donodo training and make my career, how to learn denodo in best way and how will be the future of denodo. Kindly suggest your opinions to bridge the gap.] Thanks,

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How to Connect to Tencent COS from Denodo Platform.
answered 31-01-2022 07:43:58 -0500

Hi, I’m trying to connect DENODO to Tencent COS to extract data from it. While browsing your online resources, I was unable to find the information necessary to make these connections. Please Could you recommend some tutorials that I can use to do t...

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Tencent COS Denodo

Challenges Launching Denodo from the Quickstart DQVM
answered 31-01-2022 03:21:52 -0500

I downloaded the DQVM. I am at a Linux prompt. The link to the associated manual says I do not have rights to download it. (I submitted a ticket for that issue.) I was able to find a manual for the DQVM for version 5.5. It says that once I log in that ...

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Virtualbox Denodo Training QuickStart Virtual Machine