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Snapshot tables
answered 30-01-2022 23:57:27 -0500

What all possible options would you recommend to create monthly snapshot tables in Denodo?

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Connecting to denodo from .net core 3.0
answered 30-01-2022 23:32:13 -0500

I am using .net core 3.0 with entity framework core . Is there an article somewhere detailing how to connect to denodo vdp using ef core and .net core. I tried connecting like a postgres database using Npgsql and it does not work.

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.Net core Entityframework Npgsql

Denodo Log custom wrapper
answered 28-01-2022 08:45:14 -0500

Hello Team, https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/document/denodoconnects/6.0/Denodo%20Log%20Custom%20Wrapper%20-%20User%20Manual We have navigated the same from the above attached document and we could see that data's are not displyaying after adding...

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DENODO LOGS Denodo Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool

Configuring Azure AD for SSO using Denodo Solution Manager
answered 28-01-2022 07:20:44 -0500

Hi team, I am trying to configure Azure AD for SSO with SAML in denodo solution manager, Afetr following all the steps mentioned for configuring single sign-on with SAML as per the documentation i am getting error as "Error ocurred during user context ...

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#AZURE AD Azure Single sign on

Spark fires multiple queries for a single denodo query
answered 27-01-2022 23:52:59 -0500

Hi, I'm connecting to denodo from AWS Glue (with Spark 2.4.3). When I issue a query to denodo from Glue, it fires multiple queries to denodo. eg: Denodo Query: select * from (select sum(col1) as col1, col2, col3 from interface view where filters grou...

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Spark-sql connection

VDP admin login says connection refused on MacBook
answered 27-01-2022 08:17:05 -0500

Hello Team, I am trying to login to VDP admin by using credentials admin/admin, but i get connection refused always. I have started the server as well reading through some posts for MacBook connection. Can you please help if this can be resolved? I am...

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Metadata for Data Sources
answered 27-01-2022 07:38:57 -0500

How to get the metadata for data sources in database, which will list all the properties e.g. driver class, database uri, driver class path. is there a stored procedure which can be used.?

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#Metadata Loading

Restrict Memory
answered 27-01-2022 07:24:29 -0500

Hi Team, we are trying to restrcit memory in VDP , is there any paramaeter that can be set on to restrict memory. could you please help me with this

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Memory Requirements

server configuration for denodo deployed in AWS-EKS
answered 27-01-2022 07:20:50 -0500

Hi Team, we are trying to change the memory configuration which is under server configuration in VDP tool and it is successful, but what is the procedure for changing the memory configuration of denodo deployed in AWS-EKS. we tried by adding these pro...

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Maximum Query Memory AWS

Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool
answered 27-01-2022 06:42:34 -0500

Hello Team, We have created non admin user in VDP and we gave permission of the monitor admin over to the user(assigned ristrictions) ,once this user login into Diagnostic and Monitoring tool(DMT), he/she could see all the processed queries from other...

Answers: 1

Role and User Management Denodo Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool