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Data Catalog Sync taking longer time after external db setup
answered 30-09-2021 05:38:04 -0400

Hi Team, We recently setup an oracle 12c external db on denodo 7 datacatalog. Post the external db setup, Synchronization with VDP server is taking around an 1 hr to complete the the process. Could you please suggest

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trying to configuring denodo monitoring in my machine
answered 30-09-2021 04:57:32 -0400

Hi Team, I am trying to configuring denodo monitor in my machine by using given link. https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/vdp/administration/monitoring_the_virtual_dataport_server/denodo_monitor/configuring_the_denodo_monitor While exec...

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Denodo Monitor

File system URI as an interpolation variable for DFSListfile wrapper?
answered 30-09-2021 02:10:13 -0400

Hi Team, I am working on denodo 8.0 I can read the file names from Azure blob storage using com.denodo.connect.dfs.wrapper.DFSListFilesWrapper and specifying File system URI value. I want to make this connection a variable so that i can declare it ou...

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Custom function
answered 30-09-2021 01:21:47 -0400

Hi Team, I would like yo use the function, Leftpad and rightpad. Could you please help to how i can use in VPD. I tried but ended up with the error 'Finished with error: Function 'leftpad' with arity 2 not found'.

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Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects
answered 30-09-2021 01:21:46 -0400

I have created a job in the scheduler for loading the oracle transcodification tables and while executing I am getting error as "Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects". Please help on this.

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How to create a cache over a JSON data source which is has around 66GB data (paginated)
answered 30-09-2021 00:42:20 -0400

HI Team, We have a JSON data source which has huge number of records( nearly 170 million), is there any way to cache the same, without getting JVM heap space issue. Kindly advise. Awaiting for your response ASAP

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to get the count of all view in single qurey
answered 29-09-2021 09:21:12 -0400

Hi team, Is any possible way to get the count of records from the views in one folder, without implementing store procedures. Thank you

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MS Access DB --- directly connect to a file on File Server
answered 29-09-2021 07:08:51 -0400

We have an access DB that is accessible via our File Server and a network location. I am trying to figure out what custom wrapper or jar file is required to get this to working. This is for MS Access 365. I have read through many of the community en...

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MS Access Connection jar

Unable to establish Connection: JDBC Driver not found
answered 29-09-2021 06:49:28 -0400

Hello Team , Am trying to create a JDBC Data source in denodo design studio, in denodo community they have mentoned to add jdbc driver in this path File>Extention Management>Libraries ,however when i navigated to the path ,there is no such tab a...

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JDBC Driver Test Connection

Custom Script
answered 29-09-2021 03:29:08 -0400

How can i achieve this.. I am having couple of tables T1 with column C1, C2, and C3 T2 with column D1, D2, and D3 I need to look into a table T1 based on where condition (where C1 = 'ABC') and check if column C3 having value. - If so i need to pick...

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Custom stored procedure custom script Stored Procedure