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like vs contains
answered 19-08-2020 07:27:11 -0400

What's the different between like and contains under simple condition when create selection view?

Answers: 3

VQL simple condition

how to export data from denodo web service into an excel ?
answered 19-08-2020 05:12:09 -0400

how to export data from denodo web service into an excel ?

Answers: 1

What is the maximum value that can be searched in an obligatory field with multiplicity 1
answered 19-08-2020 02:27:58 -0400

Hi, I have created a base view with one field as Obligatory and i am able to search multiple values in the webservice using ISCONTAINED in the same field. is there any maximum number that can be search ? and why i am not able to set multiplicity as an...

Answers: 1

denodo vs Teiid
answered 18-08-2020 16:45:20 -0400

what is the difference between them?

Answers: 1

long time, even seems dead when VCS pull
answered 18-08-2020 09:45:51 -0400

Hi team, want to understand, why VCS pull needs so long time? We have some requriement that needs to change the VCS branch name and then do a re-pull, when this happended, we found all objects (totally 2000+) needs to do a re-pull, and this process ta...

Answers: 6

much long time VCS pull

How to do the cache load for a view
answered 18-08-2020 08:50:38 -0400

How to load cache load for a view, we have kinds of cacje mode, full, partial, waht is the exact command? do we have artical to introduce it? Thank you.

Answers: 1

vql cache data preload

Need help creating a Base View from a SQL Server Stored Procedure
answered 18-08-2020 08:14:29 -0400

I have a SQL Stored Procedure which I will use to create a Base View in Denodo. The issue is that the Stored Procedure takes an User-Defined Table type as input parameter. If I select the SP and click Create from Selected I get an error that says the ...

Answers: 3

Base view Create Base View Stored Procedure SQL Server

How to Executing VQL statements from Custom Policy
answered 18-08-2020 07:15:43 -0400

How to Executing VQL statements(SQL command) from Custom Policy. Because customer access policy data is store in database table.

Answers: 1

How to link Solution Manager to the Denodo updates repository?
answered 18-08-2020 06:35:51 -0400

How to link the Denodo solution manager to the Denodo update repository. I cannot see any option to link it up in solution manager web admin tool. I recently installed the denodo 7.0 and it doesn't have lastest update installed.

Answers: 1

Denodo 7.0 SolutionManager update

Why Dropped objects are also exported?
answered 18-08-2020 03:34:05 -0400

I used right click one Denodo folder (there are some views under this folder), click "export", and in the prompt window, I define a Output File, choose "Replace existing elements", and I can export this folder and the views within it to my local path, ...

Answers: 1

droped views export