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Base10_to_base64 How to in denodo?
answered 23-09-2021 08:35:29 -0400

there is a function for base64_to_base10 but why not a base10_to_base64. because the only available function you provide to convert to hex is Base64_to_hex. is there a way to convert Base10 to hex? all this because denodo does not have a way to handle...

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Post Data to third part tool/application
answered 23-09-2021 02:11:20 -0400

Hi I have one source in which data is present in JSON format, I created an JSON Data source and I have created Derived/Unified view on top of it and also REST API. Now I want to send that data to another application in a continous way. I dont want t...

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Reading Delimited file on Azure blob using Distributed file wrapper vs delimited data source?
answered 22-09-2021 07:33:17 -0400

Hi, I am working on denodo 8.0. I want to understand the scenario/pros/cons on reading delimeted file using delimited data source vs using distributed custom wrapper for the delimietd files stored on Azure blob? Thanks!

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#Azure blob

Stored Procedure with out parameter from mainframe
answered 22-09-2021 00:48:13 -0400

i have a stored procedure on mainframe. which has one OUT parameter. what is the way to create a base view from query to call the stored procedure as any value i give to the out parameter is rejected. i tried "?", gave a variable and tried to set it...

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Error loading database while deploying the query
answered 21-09-2021 00:56:21 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, Can you help me with this error that i get when i want to deploy the query to the database. The error is "Error loading database " databasename"". any suggestion what to fix in order to work? thank you.

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query Data Catalog deploy

Denodo GraphQL - Concat field or output manupulation
answered 20-09-2021 08:31:34 -0400

Hi, I have a question on Denodo GraphQL. Is there a way to concat two values in a graphql query or have calculated fields like its supported in Restful Web services. Like example below query transactionsview(uid: 'abcd') { uid transname transid qty pr...

Answers: 1

concatenate GraphQL

I am running Denodo virtual machine then I am getting error
answered 20-09-2021 08:31:24 -0400

When i start denodo quickstart virtual machine then I am getting the error failed to open the session

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Duplicate server adresses and authentication data for same the Rest data sources
answered 20-09-2021 01:53:58 -0400

I have a server with a Rest API that has multiple endpoints that return JSON data (e.g. a jasperserver that has a rest call to get all report units and a rest call to get all report schedules). I now want to create one table for the report units and on...

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DB2 TABLE column with data type packed decimal conversion issue
answered 20-09-2021 01:51:15 -0400

I am connecting to a DB2 database. one particular table contains a column with data type - PACKED DECIMAL. the base view displays junk characters for this column. is there a way to convert the data type of the column on the fly or in the VQL? OR i...

Answers: 1

DB2 Packed decimal

Issue while scaling with metadata in volume
answered 17-09-2021 15:24:03 -0400

Hi Team, As mentioned in the artical it is possible to mount volume in kubernetes for Denodo metadata and depending on the storage class we could persist across deployments. However there is a teething problem with volume mount. With the volume metada...

Answers: 1
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