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Error: 403 Authentication required
answered 24-02-2022 00:17:26 -0500

I am not able to download denodo installer. Its showing error 403 Authentication required. how to install it?

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Error connection to Denodo via DBeaver
answered 23-02-2022 07:52:50 -0500

Hello Team, im havig issue while trying to connect to Denodo via Dbeaver version 21.XX using JDBC, i'm using the same driver on both and it's the driver of the installed version. The probleme is im not getting this issue from DBeaver 6.XX. The error...

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JDBC Driver DBeaver

Solution Manager: connection error checking the version of the Denodo server
answered 23-02-2022 07:47:34 -0500

Hello Team, I have an issue when trying to create a new revision in Denodo Solution Manager. After selecting which server I want to connect to, I receive an error that states "connection error checking the version of the Denodo server" that pops up. I...

Answers: 5

Solution Manager

Connecting to databases across network
answered 23-02-2022 07:28:33 -0500

I have 2 different networks with each of it’s own VPN is used. I have a SQL SERVER on one N/W and another N/W has Redshift database. I need to see both databases data same time. Is it possible? Thanks!

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Issue connecting to Salesforce
answered 23-02-2022 06:22:02 -0500

Hello, I am having issues connecting to Veeva Salesforce. Performed the follwing tasks Created admin account in Salesforce Created a connected App in Salesforce Created a Data source connection ( File-> Data Source-> Salesforce) Selec...

Answers: 3

Denodo 8.0 Salesforce

answered 23-02-2022 02:16:57 -0500

In the known Limitations, I see there items. “matching_rows” invalidation does not work. Only adding increments or full refresh (“all_rows”). Is this limitation still applicable in the latest version of Denodo. Please let us know as we are looking at...

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Multiple Aggregate fields in a selection view
answered 22-02-2022 23:47:08 -0500

Hello Denodo Developers, is it possible to create multiple agrregate field in one selection view? say for example, I want to see count of cases denied, case processed and total cases by state. The filters for the denied, processed need to be passed int...

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VQL Shell count() discrepancy
answered 22-02-2022 08:45:20 -0500

Hi Team, We are getting less count from VDP VQL Shell than actual count. Example: VDP Admit tool: select count(*) from myview; count 300; if we execute the view retrieve all rows, count is 1000.

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Denodo express- access from different machines
answered 22-02-2022 08:07:31 -0500

Hi, I have installed Denodo express 8.0 on Windows VM. Now I want to access it from a different machine, is it possible? If yes, how?

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Order to start/stop denodo services
answered 22-02-2022 06:04:24 -0500

Hi, What is the best order to start/stop denodo services for Denodo 7.0?

Answers: 2