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Denodo setup
answered 17-02-2021 07:34:58 -0500

run install, nothing happen

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Question about Denodo Model Bridge
answered 17-02-2021 06:30:08 -0500

Hi experts, Denodo model bridge is used to connect to supported third party tools and extract information from the third party tool and create necessary VQL and execute in Denodo.- Is that correct? I am looking for a tool that can generate good ERDs ...

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Denodo Model Bridge ERDiagrams

Unable to start Denodo License Manager
answered 17-02-2021 03:46:46 -0500

Hi, When I am trying to start the license manager in Denodo I am getting the following error:- Caused by: org.apache.derby.shared.common.error.StandardException: A read-only user or a user in a read-only database is not permitted to disable read-only...

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Issue in running the samples of denodo testing tool 8.0
answered 17-02-2021 02:56:05 -0500

Hi Team, This is the first time we are working in Denodo testing tool. We have downloaded the sofware. Java 1.8 is already there in the machine. Javahome variable is also set. Thoguht to execute the sample tests given to understand the functionality. S...

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#testingtool #denodotestingtool

Workaround for double quotes around database name in queries
answered 16-02-2021 11:48:05 -0500

I'm trying to see how I can configure my database to not need the double quotes around the database name when using queries in the VQL Shell. I realize there is a Restricted vs Unicode configuration that I think I've turned on, but I'm still having to ...

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Denodo 8.0 double quote Vql shell Database unicode

Building derived views that originally have subqueries in them
answered 16-02-2021 10:07:04 -0500

I have a query that I'm trying to build the logic for as a derived view. Basically, translating my view that is on a DB to Denodo as a Derived View. Trying to figure out that if we have a subquery in the from or where clause, do we have to create anoth...

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Denodo 8.0 Subquery Derived views

Row restriction preventing user from utilizing view in a derived view in their own Denodo database.
answered 16-02-2021 07:59:18 -0500

We are running V7.0.20201003. Thanks for any insight that can be provided on the following security scenario we are struggling with. A view (v1) is created in database d1. Column access is granted to col1, col2 on v1 to a user’s AD group. Row access g...

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How to define CASE statement in view parameters
answered 16-02-2021 07:52:05 -0500

Hi, I need to use a case statement in Denodo view parameters. whenever a defaut date is selected (ex: 1900-01-01) it should fetch data based case condition(ex: current_date-1) else it should fetch data by given date. Ex: case when start_date='1900-01...

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#parameters #Denodo #Denodovaraiables #variables #CASE

Automation testing for Denodo deployments
answered 15-02-2021 06:53:34 -0500

Hi Team, We are looking for some automation tesing for regression testing after migrating from Denodo 7.0 to Denodo 8.0. Also after code deployments from one environment to another. Which tool is the best to suffice the purpose? Thanks, Manju

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#Denodo_Migration #DenodoDeployments #Regression_testing #automation_testing

Excellent tutorial. Need help with filters resolvers
answered 15-02-2021 06:36:52 -0500

Thanks for tutorial. I got great Idea. Can you help me How your Query resolver? You explained filters. But I have JSON data . I need to execute this Query on JSON Data.

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