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HTTP path types
answered 03-02-2021 06:25:44 -0500

Hi Team, I'm using Denodo 7.0 version and followed below link to find the edit http connection tab to configure my REST API as GET/POST/PUT and the required input parameters. can you help with this issue. https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/...

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#Rest API #HTTP Paths

Why VCS operations not enabled after migrating denodo 7.0 to 8.0? Denodo 7.0 has this enabled.
answered 02-02-2021 16:18:19 -0500

Denodo 7 has VCS enabled for databases but after migrating 7 to 8 and using design studio for 8, vcs option is greyed out and says vcs is not enabled.

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Session Timeout Configuration
answered 02-02-2021 07:41:22 -0500

Hi everyone, is there a way to configure Session Timeout (E.g. Set Session Timeout to 30 mins) for Denodo?

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Denodo MS SQL Server datasource: parameterized URI
answered 02-02-2021 07:08:37 -0500

Hi ! I'd like to be able to use the same view for different databases on the instance. That means to have same generic datasource (?) connecting to the same instance but different databases. Is this possible ? Interpolation variable in the URI ? there ...

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How to move the Denodo code from dev to testing
answered 02-02-2021 05:41:22 -0500

Hi Team, can you please share what is the best practice and stepd to be followed to move the code written for dev to testing enviornment. If any specifc documents which explains with best practices. Thank you

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DATAMOVEMENT Plan Error "There are '1' data movements defined in view 'view-name' for subview 'view-name-1' but there should be 2 "
answered 02-02-2021 05:23:02 -0500

I have created a derived view (view-name), which uses a base view, a view from different source to which I have read access (view-name-1), and data manipulation in WITH clause. Inside with clause view-name-1 is being used 2 times in query joins. As so...

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MDX command with UNSUPPORTED
answered 02-02-2021 05:00:09 -0500

Hi We are having issue with more than 50 columns in multi dimesion data source , we are seeing following error if more than 50 columns is that excpeted Data source SAP HANA Error executing BAPI: Invalid MDX command with UNSUPPORTED: > 50 CHARACT

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Denodo User Groups
answered 01-02-2021 07:17:37 -0500

Is there existing Denodo user groups for benchmarking? I would like to get feedback on how Denodo Security is implemented from other organization using Denodo.

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Java SpringBoot application - Could not obtain connection to query metadata : com.denodo.connect.hibernate.dialect.DenodoDialect does not support ddl operations
answered 01-02-2021 07:04:36 -0500

Hello, Am using Spring Boot 2.3.4 and spring-boot-starter-data-jpa in order to connect to denodo 8.0 My application.yml is as follows spring: jpa: open-in-view: false show-sql: true generate-ddl: false hibernate.ddl-auto: none properties: hibernate:...

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Denodo 8.0 Access Denodo Express does not support ddl operations com.denodo.connect.hibernate.dialect.DenodoDialect JDBC ddl

Connecting Denodo to sql server management studio
answered 01-02-2021 07:02:29 -0500

will be able to connecct denodo with sql server managemen studio as like connecting denodo with DB visualizer? if yes how can i do that? steps plz

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