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Pass results from one query to where clause of another
answered 01-02-2021 05:11:11 -0500

When querying across datasources, how can the results of one datasource be passed along to the other? When simply using a join Denodo is getting the results from one datasoruce and then essentially a select * against the second datasource before perfor...

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Connectivity between DataRobot & Denodo
answered 31-01-2021 19:16:21 -0500

Hi, I would like to know if there is connectivity between Denodo & DataRobot i.e. can DataRobot tool connect to Denodo & vice versa? Thanks & Regards, Nisarg Shah

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How to pick the last record from duplicates?
answered 29-01-2021 15:03:02 -0500

Say I have a table with 3 columns: A, B, C. See below. Column A Column B Column C 1 11 21 1 12 22 2 13 23 2 12 24 3 14 25 ...

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REST service data source for large amount of data
answered 29-01-2021 04:31:48 -0500

I have a REST service data source containing a few million product items. How are VSQL query parameters such as ItemId converted to the query parameter on that source REST service? Does Denodo have to pull all 3 million items and then filter the resul...

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REST Data Source

Is there something in Denodo similar to Identity Column uses in DB2 to create an unique sequentially primary key?
answered 29-01-2021 00:33:31 -0500

DB2 has an identity column used as primary key (DB2 automatically generates a monotonically increasing or decreasing sequential number for the value of that column when a new row is inserted into the table. Example CREATE TABLE T1 (CHARCOL1 CHAR(1), ID...

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Need A simple picture to know how Denodo solutions can finish GET & POST jobs
answered 28-01-2021 05:21:54 -0500

I tried creating data source to GET and POST data in respective two sides. I also read how to create new web services and XSLT transform over the data that I got. But I still am stuck of how to connect date I get , transform , and consume POST service....

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denodo express Consume service XSLT MApper Transform

Need syntax how to pass multiple values in restapi url for input parameters
answered 27-01-2021 17:50:43 -0500

I tried this way but didn't work in postman Query1: 1.https://denodo server url /server/inventory/InventorySummaryAPI/views/InventoryOnHoldSummaryAPI? $filter=”fctry_id” in (ABC,EFJ,IJK)& $filter=”opr_id” in (12,13,45) & $filter="strg_cd" in (...

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#denodo 7.0 #API #Rest_API

The /servers/deleteCloudServer end point is erroring out for Denodo 8.0.
answered 27-01-2021 07:18:31 -0500

Is there an updated API for the Scale-In process for Denodo 8.0? Please suggest recommended APIs to achieve scale-in for Denodo 8.0.

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Related to: Configuring Autoscaling of Denodo in AWS

Denodo 8.0 Scale-In deleteCloudServer

VQL statement and visual query formatting
answered 27-01-2021 06:27:35 -0500

Hi, I am wondering if there is a tool or add-on similar to that of RedGate SQL formatting capability to facilitate vql code debugging. The vql formatting appears to be lost when exporting vql code from the VDP admin tool.

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Vql shell format vql