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Denodo REST API to return dynamic column structure
answered 22-12-2021 00:05:30 -0500

Product Version: Denodo 7.0 Operating System: Windows Server 2019 Backend database: Hadoop Problem Statement: I have 2 tables, say, "Table 1" and "Table 2". Below are the table structures with sample data: Table 1 - PartNumber Categ...

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ITPilot getting deprecated?
answered 20-12-2021 07:56:51 -0500

Hi Team, Its mentioned on the KB that ITPilot will be deprecated then how to create the custom wrappers? Thanks!

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How to read data from a web page?
answered 20-12-2021 07:22:58 -0500

Hi Team, I need to read the data from following web page. How can i achieve that? http://www2.econ.iastate.edu/margins/cattlecrush.htm Thanks,

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How to read a pdf file within denodo?
answered 20-12-2021 07:13:25 -0500

Hi Team, I am working on denodo 8.0 and i need to read a pdf file so hwo to do that? It seems ITPilot is deprecated so how to achieve this? https://www.agmanager.info/livestock-meat/cattle-finishing-historical-and-projected-returns Thanks in advance!!

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Interpolation Variable with Power BI
answered 20-12-2021 04:22:23 -0500

I have created final view with interpolation variable. I would like to use this final view in power BI. I need to pass value to the interpolation variable from power bi report and load only the particular dataset to the model. How can I achieve this

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Interpolation Variables Power BI

Format date datatype
answered 17-12-2021 12:32:39 -0500

I am using denodo studio version 8 and we are doing POC where trying to match capabilities between our current DV tool with denodo. in current dv tool we have syntax to parse date coming with AM, PM to date(mm/dd/yyyy) format and I amtrying to do the s...

Answers: 4

formatdate datatypes

Is it possible to skip or remove admin user login from scheduler in denodo 7
answered 17-12-2021 07:02:56 -0500

Is it possible to skip or remove admin user login from scheduler in denodo 7. If Yes, please suggest steps to remove or skip admin user login.

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admin user Denodo Scheduler 7.0

When to use data Virtualization?
answered 17-12-2021 04:22:32 -0500

Hi community. Can someone make me understand When do we exactly use data Virtualization in real life ? And how do we exactly know Now is the right time to select Data Virtualization ?

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Connecting data sources
answered 17-12-2021 02:13:16 -0500

We will not be always manually hard coding the connectors? we just pull data from our data source and store it in Denodo will denodo automatically understand which category of data it is?

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How will denodo know which is structured & Unstructured data?
answered 16-12-2021 22:59:46 -0500

How does denodo know which is structured & Unstructured data? and How does it process these data?

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