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Denodo Inserts with dynamic values
answered 20-02-2020 07:25:32 -0500

Is it possible to insert records in denodo base views with the below query insert into base_view1 (col1,col2) select col1,col2 from base_view2; With the current doc I concur we can only insert hard coded values like below insert into base_view1 (col...

Answers: 1

Dynamic Insert Operation

Error while creating Base View with Delimited Files
answered 20-02-2020 06:59:27 -0500

I'm trying to create a Base View with the information detailed in DEN60EDU0112LAB01 and everything works fine until I select the Create Base View, it gives me an error: "There was an error while creating this base view: Column names could not be genera...

Answers: 11

Delimited Files

Denodo FileSystem CustomWrapper - Error Loading data source
answered 20-02-2020 06:57:52 -0500

Hi all, I am currently working to see If the fileSystem connector would be suitable for a problem we have recently discovered. However, after following the procedures outlined here: https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/document/denodoconnects/lates...

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BINARY Custom Connector file system

Parametrised Query
answered 19-02-2020 14:07:59 -0500

How can i apply filter on two column at the same time like or in below mentioned URL(What and where should i add second column condition): http://<host of the denodo server>:9090/server/<name of the database>/<name of the REST API>/v...

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Metadata limits
answered 19-02-2020 13:28:43 -0500

Hi, I have been checking through the documentation but have not be able to find the information. Are there any limits on the number of databases / views that can be put on a Denodo server? I am pretty sure I have heard in some presentation that there ...

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No row limits in REST Web Service
answered 19-02-2020 09:41:28 -0500

Hello: I am using REST Web Service (no RESTful) and I want to avoid the pagination. I mean, It always shows only 25 rows in any view, and I need to have all the rows in the same web page. Is there any option? I have done it with RESTful, but I need i...

Answers: 2

Job Scheduler
answered 18-02-2020 07:26:01 -0500

Hi, can we create a job to join two tables without create this denodo view to predefined this join? Our info security has legal requirement that only eceute the job like "select a1.b,a2,c from a1 join a2 on a1.d=a2.d" without creating denodo view first...

Answers: 3
Related to: Master-slave configuration for Scheduler

Denodo Parameter Error - without search methods
answered 18-02-2020 05:35:01 -0500

I created a view with a parameter. If there is specific value typed into that parameter the view processes just fine.However, I need the parameter field to be blank, so when you open the view the end user has the option to type in the parameter they ar...

Answers: 1

search methods Parameter

Cannot connect to the SOAP web services
answered 17-02-2020 05:33:26 -0500

Hi Team, I've downloaded the Denodo Express Platform and I've got stuck in this part of the tutorials: Advanced Operations - Importing SOAP Web services When I try to create a SOAP data source and then, press the 'Create Base View', nothing appears....

Answers: 1

row_number not working with the get_view_columns
answered 14-02-2020 21:44:17 -0500

Hello Denodo gurus! Why does row_number not work with the get_view_columns? select database_name, view_name, column_name as denodo_column_name, ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( PARTITION BY view_name ORDER BY database_name ) row_number_with_partition from get_vi...

Answers: 1

row number Delegate get_view_columns